Local currency by default

I agree. This would be awesome feature, as most of the time it is very easy to click wrong button( and choose GBP when abroad) or the waiter/cashier chooses the convertion for you ( it happened to me in Spain).

Any chance of issuing a prepaid card? Maybe work with MasterCard to offer no DCC despite the Curve card being classified as debit?

Hi it would be nice if curve would code the cards for specific country’s.
Way would this be better ? once your limits would be in your local currency i don’t know how it appears to all of you but for me limits are in GBP honestly that would be my fault wen i order the card i sow something with currency but i went next next like a moron how ever i doubt it would have RON currency. As for the DCC is not present in Romania however i did experience problems on some online stores telling me if im from romania i need a romanian card to use and i don`t want my bank to handle the exchange rate.

Could you please use some interpunction? You might have a valid point, but your post is very hard to understand.

sorry english is not my first language.
Simply put the cards should be coded for specific country, if you check the bin code for curve card it appears as UK card. All so the limits in my app appear in GBP and I m from romania.
I cant pay using the curve card on some sites because they see the curve card as a UK card and me from romania so refuse to accept the card. They suspect that i stole the card basically and refuse it.
Relay simple
If your from UK you get an UK coded card with UK bin and currency (GBP)
I`m from Romania RO i get an RO coded card with a RO bin and currency (RON)
and so on for other country’s.
You can check how the card is coded here https://binlist.net/ i found this site to be the most precise. Even my revolut card appears from romania.

Thank you for the clarification. For a solution for the country issue you are talking about, you can vote here (country specific cards/bins):

In my app limits are in GBP too and I am from the Netherlands. So this is not the case because of you doing something wrong during registration.

Thank you for the link i have voted for it.

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same here, i am on euro account, but on Limit I see GBP. is this normal ?

on some ATM I get DCC , on POS machine no. @Curve_Liz

It depends on the ATM and POS i try to withdraw EURO from euro net ATM that list EUR on them as currency and i don`t get the option, it only allows RON.

So all Curve Card Is (Uk) GBP account?

I linked different currency accounts without a problem. Automatic location detection would be great though

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it seems so

Linking cards is not the problem the problem is that at some pos it detects the card as GBP currency and sometimes it converts to GBP the amount you have to pay so you have 2 times currency conversion fees, once at the store and second at curve.
This differs from country to country and from store to store.

That’s exactly the problem

This problem is starting to annoy me…the last 5 months I must have already lost more than 60€ in conversion fees at POS terminals because the waitress/cashier chooses the currency conversion for me…
I may stop using Curve because of this

Pretty sure that MasterCard rules say that if you’re not given a choice (i.e. the shop chooses the DCC option themselves) you are entitled to dispute the transaction with the card issuer (i.e Curve)


I cannot use Apple Pay for in-app purchases because Curve card’s currency is different (GBP) from the local one in my country. :roll_eyes:


There was this 1 time abroad (in Asia) where I foolishly agreed on DCC (somehow lost attention or I dont know…) and in the end got whooping ~15% commision (as seperate transaction) for that purchase. I dont know how that was possible, maybe somehow due to double conversion becouse their POS incorrectly detected GBP as default currency for my Curve card. I did not take any steps (like chargeback) becouse like I said I agreed on DCC myself.

I talked with Curve, saying I wasn’t given a choice. They said they couldn’t help

Mastercard allows for complaints. I got this paragraph from the mastercard website:

“Cardholder right of dispute
If a Cardholder complains that he/she was not given a choice in a DCC
transaction, the Issuer has a chargeback right against the Acquirer. For
further details on this, please refer to the Point-of-Interaction Error section
in the Dual Message System Chargebacks chapter of the Chargeback
Guide. Download the latest version of the Chargeback Guide.”

If you made clear you want to do a chargeback and you’re in time to do so according to MasterCard’s rules, I would lodge a formal complaint with Curve.

The mastercard website redirects me to this email: POI_Currency_Conversion@mastercard.com

I will open a dispute with mastercard through this email and see where it takes me.

Curve support may have mis-informed me because I asked if there was any way I could get my money back and they said no, but mastercard clearly has a mechanism to deal with this kind of stuff.