Location spending

In Revolut I can track where my spending was done. E.g if I spent in Czech Republic it would says so in the analytics as summary. It would be nice to have something similar so I can track where every spending was done.

Hey! Because Curve is picked up by some banks as both merchant and acquirer, the location where Curve cards are issued (UK) is displayed rather than the location of the merchant the transaction was made with. We’re currently working on making this information more specific to the purchase.


I think what OP was asking for was to have location data available inside the Curve app, rather than for it to be passed through to the underlying card.

If the location data could actually be passed through to the underlying card correctly though, rather than Curve appearing as the merchant, that would be amazing!


Correct, I was asking for location data in Curve’s app, so that I can collect countries on where I’ve been using Curve :slight_smile:

But if Curve would solve the other issue, which is sending the correct location to underlying card, it would be great as well!

Got it! Thanks so much for clarifying. It’s a feature that has been raised to our engineering team so hopefully, we should be adding this to the app soon.

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I understand Location option within Revolut is a security creature and not to summarise payments within a location?

In the Revolut app one can use the location on country level in the statistics. If one opens a specific transaction one can see more info on the location (city, postal code).


I’d go even further and allow the ability to see and/or block all transactions that do not originate from a whitelisted country/location. For example, in my current situation there is zero chance of me using my Curve card in Nigeria or Romania

That is how Bunq does it for their (new) Travel Card (screenshot of my whitelist below):

And it would be a great addition to this idea:

where only is spoken about allowing/disallowing payments abroad and not about allowing/disallowing specific countries.


Would be nice to know the city as well

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Hi, something I’ve got very used to in the age of banking providers is the location for each purchase.

With monzo as an example, if use my monzo card at a place I get the location of the purchase, if I use my curve card I get the curve HQ, so ideally I’m asking for 2 things:

1 - can we get the location of the purchase in the curve app itself

2 - if the above is possible, can this also be passed through the API to the respective bank