Logged out of app too often


Every so often, I get logget out of the app (on Android), and have to go through the login phase all over again (receive an email, click on the link that opens gets back to the app).
Also, when I have to do that I also have to activate once again the “biometry login”.

All in all it seems that the app is reseted as when it is freshly installed.


This happened to me on iOS this week. It’s very annoying if you want to open the app quickly to change the underlying card. If the app requires periodic reauthentication, then it should give advance notice of the requirement so that it doesn’t happen at an inconvenient time.


Yes, it happened to me as well. My guess is that some (not all) updates force a log-out, but agree that it is annoying.


I have the same problem on iOS! I happened to be unable to change the card because I was logged out :frowning:

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Hey Community,

Occasionally, we need to log customers out of their apps in order to update our security features - we try not to make a habit of this and it shouldn’t be happening regularly.

I’ll be sure to pass your thoughts on as feedback so we can be more transparent about when we’re doing this in future.

Apologies for any inconvenience!


That’d be great - I think it’s happened about 3 times in they last 4 weeks or so, would be good for it not to become a regular occurrence!