London Underground Record

I have been using Curve card for travelling on the London Underground line.
But there is no journey history in either the Curve Card or the Card I’m connected with.
The curve card seems to be a mystery for the contactless system on here:

Did anyone get the same issue?


If you’ve registered your Curve Card with TfL their website and app show the journey and payment history against it.

It should work for you as well.

The details won’t show against your underlying card if using Curve.

What issues are you experiencing?

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Isn’t it because the payment terminal was offline ? In some case Curve accept offline payments even if there is no possibility to check that you have money (max 3 payments for 60 € max). It will appear after 7 days max if what happened.

I have this problem too, there is no payment history or journey history available since adding the Curve card.

Since adding Curve as my dedicated card for TFL contactless the journey history and payment history has disappeared. Has anyone else had this issue?
With other cards it’s typically available but not with Curve, there is no way to request a refund from TFL as no journey history to use.

Same issue here. Been using last 6 weeks with curve card set up on tfl website and shows no journey history/payments. Luckily haven’t had to claim a refund (yet).

Interestingly this has only been an issue since I upgraded to curve X with new card/number. Previous card didn’t have issues.

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Used it last week, and worked fine (standard red investor card). Trips were recorded (hopefully, as I had 2 Heathrow Express charges to be refunded!). Now waiting for my refund to be processed.

I know this is old but in case anybody was experiencing the same issue.

You can retrieve your journey history from Google Pay if that’s how you use your card.

Tap the card and then “details” > “activity”

You should see all your activity there including your travel.

Click it and it pretty much breaks down your entire trip from where you touch in/change/touch out.

If you take a bus it shows the map etc