Long, very long delay of support reply, without full explanation


I created ticket for help with double charge, on 1st Dec, in Curve app.
On 2nd Dec I requested for quick help because that case was very very important for me.
On 5th Dec I received reply from Curve, party explained for me but not full as I need.
I answered immediately to this message and replied again on 11th Dec.
I have no answer till today.
15 days I’m waiting.
What is the quality of customer support?
For me if the problem is bigger than basic, daily problems like something is not working in the app, question for some basic functions, support needs many many days to reply, why, I don’t have idea.
What can be done to speed up response from Curve Support in important for customers, cases?
My current case has started 1st Dec.
Still waiting for explanation.

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This is typical, I’m afraid, based on my own experiences and other posts here.

If it’s a double charge, Curve is at fault and you have recourse to your underlying card issuer. Might be worth asking them to start section 75 / chargeback proceedings.

You’ve outlined the attempts you’ve made clearly, it should be a reasonably straight-forward claim depending on how long your card issuer thinks no (helpful) response from Curve constitutes them not complying with your request for a refund…

Good luck.

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Hey, unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about your account on the forum as we’re Curve users just like you! It’s best to get in touch with the support team through email (support@curve.app) or Twitter DM so they can take a look!

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Same here. I started from around 15th of November. The issue is still open.
I had issues in the past, but those were solved quicker.

Long wait…for moment.

Again, send an email to support@curve.app or DM https://mobile.twitter.com/AskCurve on Twitter.