Lost card?

I enjoy using everyday Curve.

Unfortunately, I have lost my card and cannot find it anywhere.

I locked my card, so I’m wondering if someone tries to use it did I will get a notification when the card is locked? Maybe 1-2 days if nobody tries to use it it is somewhere dropped at my home?

If not, what is the procedure to get a new one and destroy the old one?

If your card is missing please lock it in-app. This will prevent anyone from using your Curve Mastercard® but you can unlock it if you find it again.

Tap on the card menu at the bottom left of the app and then tap on the Lock Card button.

To unlock, go to the same place and click Unlock Card.

Choose the menu on the bottom left of the app, then Lock Card.

If you don’t have access to the app and have misplaced your card, please call our emergency lost and stolen phone line: +44 203 322 2585*.

If your Curve is gone forever, message one of the support team in-app or email support@imaginecurve.com so they can cancel your card and issue a replacement (free of charge).


Thanks for the info!

Hi I lost mine and applied for an other one no problem the cards that are already on Curve will work with a new curve card if you’ve also lost any cards you have registered with your curve card just add new ones and cancel the old ones no worries I didn’t have any problem except with Amex which was resolved ok (I don’t think that applies to you if your not on the Beta testing)

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