Lost my curve metal. Can it be replaced without issuing a new physical card

I’ve lost my Curve metal card. Pretty sure it’s lost in my house but it’s disappeared anyway.
I’m not mad about having to pay €50 to get a new card.

Are there any other options like
1: Get a standard plastic card and pay a normal fee like a fiver or tenner - Being metal is not a benefit that I cared about.
2: Just get a new number. I don’t really care about the card anyway as 99% of the time I use my phone to pay.

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Unfortunately those are questions that only the customer service team can answer. Have you sent them a message via the Curve application?

Thanks for your question.

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Yeah, you’re right. I think I posted in the wrong forum. It’s more the Help forum I was looking for I think. I think I’ve moved it now.
I know contacting support is the thing to do but wanted to see if anybody else had a similar experience.
Paying €50 for a replacement card that I barely use is daft.

I was thinking of it more. My third option is just to not renew my plan. It’s due in a couple of months. I know the card was lost in my house and I keep it locked anyway on my phone. So I can unlock and use as normal when I want to and then downgrade the plan just before it renews and then maybe upgrade it again after a month or two.
The risk then that Curve has is that somebody might not renew.