Lot of transactions declined


I just noticed that have a lot of declined transactions what have been really charged from my card.
I have really made those purchases that is not an issue… issue is that I cannot use GBIT now with those.

Are folks having similar issue lately?

This is issue for me as I usually GBIT almost all transactions once month as I want to move those to other card once I have top it up.

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We’ve had a no. of successful transactions a day or two later being marked as declined.

Contacted support who said it"s a known display issue - no hint of when a resolution would be.

It’s more than a display issue in my mind as it affects totals (the transactions aren’t counted) and you can’t GBiT as they’re ‘declined’.

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Yeah same behavior for me.

Good to know that I am not only one. Hope they can fix it soon and thise are reverted back to proper status.

Same here, its annoying as CS are not that fast at replying and we are now on a limit of 30 days for GBIT.

Have anyone get this resolved?

It seems that support stopped responding to me.
They first asked me to reinstall app and said they can do GBIT for me if it do not. After that I reported that it did not fix it… now no one have responded to me on almost a week.

Now I actually wound need to do GBIT (as I topped up my debit) I don’t get any help.

Yes I am feeling bit frustrated of this and starting to feel that it is not worth to pay for this card.

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I have the same problem and the support is silent!

That’s really a shame that they are unable to create a real ticketing tool!!!

If they respond to me tomorrow… their response time seems to be message per week.

I have the same problem OP.

Every transaction is marked as declined in Curve even though the payments have gone through. This has been going on for over a month and it doesn’t matter what underlying card I use the transactions are still marked as declined.

I contacted support when this first started happening and haven’t heard back. I wanted to GBiT on some of the translations but the month deadline has past on some of them.

Curve is great when things are working and you don’t need to contact “support”.

Customer service is utterly shambolic!

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Anyone had this declined issue resolved? If so, what resolved it? :thinking:
It’s still happening for me on every transaction on any underlying card used, despite the underlying payments going through? GBiT is totally unusable!

I do exactly the same as you, and this decline issue is bothering me a lot.
Spoke to CS, but no reasonable answer was given. Neither they could do anything about those “declined” transactions.

Same, contacted them said they’re aware of the problem and that’s it, chat closed, I couldn’t even ask them to GBIT the transactions themselves (over 50 transactions, if they could batch-process those it’d actually save me some time)

Guess I’ll open a new ticket

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