Lounge Key Testing

Please let us know how you get on - all your feedback will be brought forward to prepare for global launch :smiley:

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When will Airport Lounge Access be available through Lounge Key?

The January Launch FAQs say “The Lounge Key will be activated as soon as possible, it will likely take us a month or so” but we’re now in mid May and no further news…

I don’t understand why Lounge Key would allow you to use their logo on my Curve Metal Card, when I’m not actually able to use their lounges!

I’ve managed to create an account and I’ve downloaded the app. Let’s hope it works :slight_smile:

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I e downloaded the app tonight, put in my details and it’s given me access to the app. I can see which airports have lounges close by I can use. So I’m in Cornwall and can see Bristol, Cardiff, Newquay and Exeter. So you should now be able to use, I haven’t used it at the airport yet so will have to let you know if it works.

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Have just tried to use my Metal Curve Card to open an account with Lounge Key, as you have to use a card associated with Lounge Key and it is not accepted, which strikes me as strange ! Would someone at Curve be able to enlighten me ?

I used my Curve metal to activate my lounge key app and it worked, I am going to Luton on Friday so I will report back as to whether or not I was actually given access to he lounge there

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@mannyab @Scott @zackiscurrently @dwhatley73

Hey, I’m flying from Manchester today (go figure) and not BA (go figure) so have no Lounge Access.

I’ll try Lounge Key if you have the details…


I think it is just a matter of registration (Curve metal needed for this!) at http://www.loungekey.com/curvebusiness (when your card says ‘business’ on the back) or http://www.loungekey.com/curve (when you have a personal card) or in the LoungeKey-app. Buy a ‘ticket’ in the LoungeKey-app and (try to) enter the lounge.
But probably helpful if @Curve_Marie or @Curve_TCB could confirm that this is indeed the testing procedure.

I’ll confirm with our project owner for the LoungeKey launch :slight_smile:

I’d argue it’s not working perfectly… :frowning:

If you have a personal card you need to go here: http://www.loungekey.com/curve
If it says “business” on the back it’s http://www.loungekey.com/curvebusiness

Bit of an update, I’m in the lounge…

The sign up on the website didn’t recognise my card number, but the app did so I signed up using that.

Arrived at the lounge, showed card and in, no problem for £15

I’m not actually sure what the walk up is, so no idea if it’s a good deal, but it’s simple enough.


Which webpage did you try to register?

https://www.loungekey.com/curve I think.

No problem with the app though and I can now login using the website.

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That’s great! Thank you for letting us know :smiley:

D’oh :frowning: that’ll teach me for being too keen! Thank youuuu…worked perfectly that time!

Thank you to everyone who tested the LoungeKey before the official launch :heart: The LoungeKey is live!

Please let us know how you get on here: Feedback on LoungeKey

Share your lounge experience with us: Travelling with Curve - LoungeKey :clap: :smiley: