Lounge Key Update

We’re really excited about bringing the Loungekey™ airport experience program to all our Curve Metal cardholders. When initiating this project we underestimated the timeframe required to roll it out. This was our mistake and we’re sorry about that. Working in a start-up, things move fast, incredibly fast. One might argue that a start-up year is equivalent to a dog year – we go 7 times faster. A side effect of this is a relentless optimism in regards to how much we can achieve and how fast we can do it.

We are working together with Mastercard to activate your LoungeKey benefit. To make the most of this benefit you will be able to visit a unique Curve LoungeKey website, once it’s built, and also download the LoungeKey app. There you will be able search for information on the facilities and services available in the hundreds of lounges on the program. Your LoungeKey benefit will allow you and your travel companions to access these lounges for a fee of only £15-20; per visit per person using your Curve Metal Card.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: are my posts just being blindly deleted without even having the courtesy to let me know now?

What happened to the 60% off that you were originally advertising and that I agreed to when I signed up? There are very few lounges in the world that would satisfy that at £15-20.


@andyk the 60% is still there on the website. Please note that this is “up to” 60%, and is versus the “rack prices”, that is the price you would pay without any discount. Currently some London airport lounges are around £50 per visit, hence the 60% figure.

How would you phrase it better?


I still don’t understand how this is considered to be a benefit. There are plenty of cards that offer priority pass/loungkey for free / cheaper.

Aren’t you supposed to offer users something they can’t find elsewhere?


Maybe quantify it properly?

You’ve managed to now provide two ambiguous statements over what’s on offer. How is anyone supposed to know what you’re charging?

Either provide an absolute discount (60%) or an absolute value (£15 OR £20, not both, not to).

Otherwise everything you say is basically meaningless rubbish which makes the product even less valuable. It’s the equivalent of a loyalty benefit that doesn’t have the word “guaranteed” in front - totally worthless.

At the moment anyone with a modicum of sense in which financial products they used before Curve will have pretty much no benefit whatsoever from what you’re offering with Metal.

Yes, there is ONE lounge in Heathrow that I’m aware of that charges £50 for on the door entry- but I imagine it’s a very tiny proportion of people actually paying that. To base your entire communications campaign on that one example is rather dishonest.


Thanks for your input. I can see how it could potentially be confusing. The value will be a fixed amount of £20. When we launch we will clarify “at a discount” rather than mention the “up to” amount.

The idea is that Curve Metal can replace several premium products - some insurances the customer is currently paying, and even some Premium bank accounts. When we launch our improved Curve Rewards this will be an additional benefit few other cards have (more news on that soon).

The problem with that idea is that Curve’s insurance coverage is poor enough that, despite having Curve metal, I still have other products to cover each one of Curve’s perks (travel insurance, gadget insurance etc). There is not one perk that is good enough to stop me needing another product. Looks like airport lounges will be the same.

I know I’ve said it before, but I really wish Curve would focus on charging for unique features, rather than inferior versions of what other premium cards provide.


The problem with “the idea is” when we’ve already paid for a service, which it turns out isn’t a service, but an idea of an service is Curve looks incompetent.

I upgraded because of a service, and there was no *s or [1]s to suggest the service was not. And now I’ve been through many airports, indeed I’m in one now, and again cannot use a service I’ve paid for because it’s an idea.

Who is the manager I complain to, to turn my payment into an “idea of payment” until the product is more than idea? Happy to be premium when there is a service. Not happy to be premium when I’m paying for the standard service.


LoungeBuddy (app and website) allows to just buy access to a variety of lounges, the price is around $30-$40 in Europe (a bit more if you want premium lounges in the US).

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Sorry to jump on the negative bandwagon here, but, the posts above all have a point.

I currently have cards with better value offerings than this, and are having to pay for separate gadget insurance, and travel insurance to top-up the gaps. I was hoping to see the 60% LoungeKey discount trump the easily accessible offers already out there (as mentioned LoungeBuddy, or SkyTrax) but it seems this even falls short.

It now turns out, having paid for a year of Metal (which btw still hasn’t had 4 months free attached for being a Beta tester) on the basis of some amazing perks… actually the only tangible perk is a Metal card - the rest are pretty much worthless.

Sorry guys… 10/10 for effort, but 3/10 for attainment. :pensive:


OK but does this mean that yet again we’re paying for benefits that aren’t being provided for some time. Surely we deserve a lowering of the fee until such time as you’re able to deliver the product sold?

Soon is a word used far too frequently by Curve and now has ZERO credibility. How soon is soon? Any good will has been used up 10 fold by now with awful implementation of this. I genuinely don’t see how you expect people to trust you anymore


Perhaps you could be specific about the detail. Anywhere else if they advertise up to X off they have to specify how you obtain that maximum value.

£20 is the going rate for lounge access elsewhere (even with free products)… so there’s no discount/benefit here…?

The target audience for lounges, will have cards elsewhere that give them lounge access. I don’t believe this is the right benefit to give Metal users…


Perhaps you also should update your live terms on your website :man_facepalming:

5.7. Loungekey Access: This is a complimentary service provided as part of the Curve Metal Services. On occasions you will b; no payment will be taken from your Curve Account without your agreement and authority. This facility is subject to Fair Use. Curve is not responsible if you are denied entry into a particular lounge because of using the Curve Metal card.e required to pay for certain services available at the lounges. You will be notified of all costs beforehand

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Following up on @Curve_Alejandro’s comment, there will be full clarification of the cost and how the discount is accessed and applied. We have passed your feedback onto the respective feature team leads.

We hope to change this trend and make lounge experiences available to customers who may not receive these benefits from their personal bank cards, combined with the other benefits of Curve.

So true. Can get them for £15 through groupon.

Calling £20 lounge visits a benefit or a discount when it’s so widely accessible without paying a monthly fee is stretching the meaning of those words a fair bit… dragonpass basic is £19 per visit (free membership via Regis for just signing up - no additional cost) - I think loungebuddy is £20? For most lounges.

Sadly this was to be expected and just means i wont be spending any money on upgrading my curve. The features are just not worth it.


Depending of how many times you’re planning to visit lounges but you can quickly recoup the £450 fees of the Amex Platinum that way as you get unlimited free entry for you + guest. (not even mentioning that the free supplementary cardholder also gets the same benefits so it would be fair to see the fees as £225).


So what would the benefit be here? if its the same or more than going via dedicated lounge apps/services - it doesnt really looks like a benefit
i think £15 would have been a max fair price - have to say - im starting to question any benefits this metal card has atm