Lounge Key Update

£20 is the going rate for lounge access elsewhere (even with free products)… so there’s no discount/benefit here…?

The target audience for lounges, will have cards elsewhere that give them lounge access. I don’t believe this is the right benefit to give Metal users…


Perhaps you also should update your live terms on your website :man_facepalming:

5.7. Loungekey Access: This is a complimentary service provided as part of the Curve Metal Services. On occasions you will b; no payment will be taken from your Curve Account without your agreement and authority. This facility is subject to Fair Use. Curve is not responsible if you are denied entry into a particular lounge because of using the Curve Metal card.e required to pay for certain services available at the lounges. You will be notified of all costs beforehand

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Following up on @Curve_Alejandro’s comment, there will be full clarification of the cost and how the discount is accessed and applied. We have passed your feedback onto the respective feature team leads.

We hope to change this trend and make lounge experiences available to customers who may not receive these benefits from their personal bank cards, combined with the other benefits of Curve.

So true. Can get them for £15 through groupon.

Calling £20 lounge visits a benefit or a discount when it’s so widely accessible without paying a monthly fee is stretching the meaning of those words a fair bit… dragonpass basic is £19 per visit (free membership via Regis for just signing up - no additional cost) - I think loungebuddy is £20? For most lounges.

Sadly this was to be expected and just means i wont be spending any money on upgrading my curve. The features are just not worth it.


Depending of how many times you’re planning to visit lounges but you can quickly recoup the £450 fees of the Amex Platinum that way as you get unlimited free entry for you + guest. (not even mentioning that the free supplementary cardholder also gets the same benefits so it would be fair to see the fees as £225).


So what would the benefit be here? if its the same or more than going via dedicated lounge apps/services - it doesnt really looks like a benefit
i think £15 would have been a max fair price - have to say - im starting to question any benefits this metal card has atm

I travel a fair bit, so for me Priority Pass prestige at £275 after discounts and cashback represented reasonable value - £10-£13 per visit in the end depending on how much I travel, and how many times I get rejected :slight_smile:

I would consider an Amex Platinum but I doubt I’d be accepted for it (less than 2 years in the country, £27k salary, etc)

You should start with the gold card and upgrade after a year. That’s what I did and the amex gold was my first CC after 2 years in the UK.

I take it no Amex in another country that you could transfer across? (they have a GLOBAL Transfer service that tries to help in the situation of no previous credit history in the new country)

I ordered the Metal Card on the basis that I’d be able to get Complimentary LoungeKey Access (as per clause 5.7 of the Terms of Service document).

I’ve now had 2 flights since I ordered the card (and a 3rd flight next week), where I haven’t been able to use this complimentary “benefit”.

Does anybody else think that the fee should be reduced to the same as Curve Black until this issue is resolved?


Curve metal is cheaper if you pay for a full year, otherwise they’re the same price.


I took out the Curve metal because of the Lounge key access and also haven’t been able to use it. A bit disappointing really especially as we have no firm date for Lounge Key - feel like we are paying for promises that aren’t arriving :frowning:

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You do realise once it comes you’ll still pay £20 per visit right? Which is only marginally cheaper than buying access at the door for most lounges…

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If that’s what you got Curve Metal for, just get an American Express Gold Rewards card.

It’s a lot cheaper, lounge access is £20 flat rate but your first two visits are free.

AND you get Membership Rewards, which is just about the best card rewards scheme on the market and more than pays for the annual fee in itself if you have enough spending.

Promising and not delivering seems to be a speciality of Curve recently, sadly.

Given that the fintech world supposedly works 7x faster than the rest of the world, their definition of “soon” really pushes the boundaries too!


I agree. I have also had many flight’s with more coming up.

Then reduce the monthly fee as you have just announced you to hope to change the trend for people without these benefits that is not what people purchased and as you advertise are not receiving no benefits including insurance rubbish which the post office offers for free etc.

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