LoungeKey charge

So got the metal card thinking of using the benefits, visited a restaurante in Luton airport, according to terms and condition we should of got £15 discount for me and the same for my guest from bill total, our bill came to £37 so we got £30 discount which was nice, however we also got charged £20 each by curve as lounge visit.
So basically we paid £40 to get £30 discount.

How do you work this out, tried contacting curve but no one is responding, I have black curve metal and it seems the customer support is none existent. Will be cancelling my card asap

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That’s right, each visit to the lounge costs £20 with Curve.

If the lounge only costs £15, or is a restaurant that credits your bill with £15, then you’re paying out £20 to save £15. Bonkers!

But that’s Curve marketing - the headlines look great, mislead a bunch of customers who are charged over the odds (look at the surprise when weekend fees had to be itemised!) and lead to some - but not all - of the customers leaving Curve. It’s just the Curve way. There’s good value to be had, but the people who benefit are those who go through the T&Cs with a fine-toothed comb and look for the (ahem) ‘loopholes’.

At least you’re only out a tenner. Hope the rest of the year improves!


Lounge access with curve isn’t really a good deal unless it becomes free access, like many other cards provide.

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As it turned out, I got my money refunded back automatically, although talking to curve support was a waist of time as they had no idea what was going on, obviously they very slow on replying back to you, still waiting for them to come back to me since December, I had one reply asking for proof of purchase lol, I find this funny as they asking me to show them a proof of transaction when they can see this on my card, speechless to be honest

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