LoungeKey is live!

To ensure you have the simplest, most satisfying experience, LoungeKey™ recommends you:

  • Download the LoungeKey™ app. This is the easiest way for you to view a directory of hundreds of airport lounges available to you worldwide, as well as details about the facilities each lounge has to offer. You can find the link to download the app on the LoungeKey™ website.

  • Go to www.loungekey.com/curve and create a web profile

  • Alternatively, if your card says “business” on the back, go to www.loungekey.com/curvebusiness and create a web profile

  • You should then be able to login to the LoungeKey™ app.

Please let us know how you get on here: Feedback on LoungeKey


is it free access to the lounges or do i have to pay £15 as the website suggests?

:wave: Welcome to the community @fraser.pollock ! It’s like the webpage suggests, £15 :slight_smile:

WOW - so it really is a pointless benefit as i get FREE access to the lounges with my bank cards!!!

Good for you @fraser.pollock!

it would seem that i am actually receiving no benefits from having the metal card that i dont already have?


Did you sign up for Curve Metal while already receiving the same benefits from other cards?

no i didnt. I signed up to curve metal as i was told Amex were on board and i would get airport lounge access (presumably for free like most cards) but as it happens i am getting neither!!

The LoungeKey was originally promoted as “up to 60%” discount and since been updated to the flat fee of £15.

Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the community forum for more information on Amex so this thread will stay on topic.

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Revolut responded by lowering their prices to £15 per lounge visit (same price as Curve). Revolut Metal already offered one free visit a year! Now it is Curve’s turn to respond :wink:.

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