LoungeKey is working :)

Tried today first time since upgrade. St. Petersbourgh, Russia airport. Works perfectly and free of charge access to Business lounge. Good vibes, thank you.


Amazing! Safe travels @Ru551an :smiley::flight_departure:

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How was it free, isn’t it meant to be a reduced charge?


Check the app as this is not supposed to be free but £15…

Probably it wasn’t LoungeKey: there is a special lounges in few airports by Mastercard for Mastercard Elite owners. And those can be accessed with no fee. No idea how to search for all of those lounges, but there is some info on Mastercard Russia website (in Russian, of course). It says that lounges located in following cities:

  1. Moscow, RU
  2. St. Petersburg, RU
  3. Budapest, HU
  4. Bucharest, RO
  5. Vienna, AT
  6. Kyiv, UA
  7. Prague, CZ
  8. Tbilisi, GE
  9. Batumi, GE

But it also states, that the card must be issued in one of the following countries: Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia or Kyrgyzstan (don’t seems like anybody is really checking it though).

used it in Prague airport a couple of days ago. Worked fine. As my flight was delayed, ended out spending 4 hours there. Was worth every penny