LoungeKey/Metal still fails. How do we refund?

Subscribed, to find it was false advertising & wasn’t available.

It’s ready! And it doesn’t work. And it won’t work, pending some website. Or something. And it’s not quite what was in the terms. And, and, and.

How do we refund for an incomplete, incompetent service? Trust has been lost & will need to be re-earned before I’ll consider resubscribing.

Claiming “startup” doesn’t cut it when you’re 3+ years old and still launching lies. Such a shame.


LoungeKey is actually now active…

LoungeKey.com/curve or LoungeKey.com/Curvebusiness


You just need to follow the complaint procedure, then ombudsman, if you’re not happy!

Which site did you use? As has been mentioned there are two - best to try both, and contact support before assuming it’s not available!

Yup. Tried that over last few days only to have failure. Passed through 2 more airports, I couldn’t use a feature I’ve paid for.

That’s now 16 airports since paying for said service. So… pretty un-happy, yes.

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Alas, if it works this time, a 1/17 success rate on a service I’ve paid for-ish (still not what was said in the terms AFAIR) is well below my acceptable success rate. That’s how a company loses trust from customers.

LoungeKey only launched about 4/5 days ago.

Have you encountered issues when registering…?

Dann, yes I have. Also, it was advertised was “launched” when I subscribed to Metal. This has since been changed it seems due to numerous customers being mislead (at least, if Curve emails to me are to go by).

2 months, 16 airport lounges not been able to access. 2 months, of paying for a service which turns out never existed… and now it’s launched it still doesn’t work.

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can you show me where it says launched…?

Yeah, it’s launched now!

I was asking where he’d been under the impression it was running 2 months ago, given the fact it says coming soon everywhere…?


At the launch of Curve Metal, it was very clear in all communication that LoungeKey was “coming soon”.

They made a lot of mistakes, but I’m afraid you can’t blame them for your not reading the product information before buying…

In terms of the messaging, originally they did say “up to 60%” discount. After some discussion, they clarified that this was based on the most expensive lounge they could find, not typical lounges, so it has been changed to £15 per visit, which I think is fairly OK but certainly much clearer.

Where are you trying to sign up? Or were you trying to access lounges without having first activated Lounge Key?


Hi @davestone, if you have tried both links that @Dann mentioned and you still weren’t able to sign up please get in touch with our Customer Support team in-app or via support@imaginecurve.com.

Do bear in mind though that it’s not necessary to sign up to the website in order to access the lounges :slight_smile:

I tried to downgrade back to black because of all the issues with loungekey and Amex. Was told I had to pay 50 pounds. Disgusting!

That is strange, given what is said by a member of Curve staff on not having to pay the cancellation fee when downgrading from Metal to Black in a different topic:

I took the time to review other people’s posts and look at what I’m actually paying for. It’s just not worth it :frowning:

It is very clear in the terms and conditions that downgrading within 6 months of signing up attracts a £50 cancellation fee.

But not that clear anymore when a member of the Curve staff tells you don’t need to pay it.


It’s very clear from the T&Cs, which ultimately are the agreement in place.

Only @diego_curve can comment on his message. Perhaps he should clarify who he meant and how they can go about ensuring that the change is made to their agreement and/or how to ensure a refund is issued…

Maybe be means “we won’t waive the cancellation fee”?