LoungeKey not working

Hi there,

my curve credit card number has changed since I got a new card. I tried to put in my new number in the lounge key app but it won’t let me.

According to LoungeKey support, every new credit card number requires to activate another online account. Each credit card number has its own membership number.

If I try to register a new account with my new card number I get an error that says “Please enter a valid payment card number associated with LoungeKey”

I called LoungeKey support, they told me, my card number is not activated for LoungeKey, but it should, since its part of my subscription plan.

What’s the solution?


Are you using curve metal?

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yes, I do.

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I got a new metal card replacement and had no issue changing the card number in the LoungeKey app. I did not have to create a new account for the new card.
Have you tried contacting Curve support about it.

I tried to put the new number on my LoungeKey profile but I got the error I stated earlier.

I tried to contact curve but honestly the support is really not good at all, takes forever to get an answer. So far they haven’t replied to me regarding my issue.

Are you on iPhone with iCloud private relay? I realised that certain sites and apps do not do certain stuff when private relay is enabled.

This also happened to me when I applied for the new metal. The customer service generated another card for me.

I hope there will be another solution then getting a new card again, it’s kinda troublesome to change it on all the conected accouts again.

Unfortunately curve support wasnt really helpful so far, they were just asking if i used the right registration link since there is personal and business cards, anyway i did us the correct one.

Could someone from curve please reply regarding my issue? The customer service is ridiculously slow, I wish to use LoungeKey, it is part of my metal subscription. I already wrote several mails and tried the in app chat. It is kinda frustrating not getting any reaponse.

Hello RM,

We don’t have access to your account here on the Community so unfortunately we can’t investigate these issues for you here. Instead, you’ll need to reach out to the Curve support team about this.

The support team are getting a lot of messages right now so they’re taking a bit longer than usual to reply. If you’re currently waiting on a response and it’s been more than 24 hours then I’d recommend sending a DM to @AskCurve on Twitter or Curve’s Facebook page.

Alright, I will try that. I wish it was just 24h, haven’t heard anything since 1 week.