LoungeKey Refused

First flights in two years and LoungeKey was refused at all Lounges on 16 May Birmingham Airport, even though one lounge had plenty of seating. Told all such cards were being refused as dealing with prior bookings.
It would be good if we could pre-book online with LoungeKey.

I am flying in July from Heathrow - will it work?


Had a flight from Prague and Dubai :flight_departure: recently and lounges in both airports accepted my digital LoungeKey card just fine. :bento::sunglasses: I’ll see how it goes on my next flight from Burgas… :beach_umbrella::airplane:


Would be great to get an update when the time comes. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you!


So I’m back from our vacation in Bulgaria. :sunglasses::beach_umbrella::ocean: Just for your information, all went fine on Burgas airport :flight_departure: and we were admitted to lounge with our LoungeKey access. :+1:

The lounge had nice design :star_struck:, was practically empty (maybe 3-4 other visitors) :sleeping: but was very very poor with provided meals and beverages :sandwich::coffee: - cannot be compared to lounges in Prague or Dubai. :dizzy_face: But we enjoyed our stay and its comfort was very welcomed :hugs:, especially when our flight was one hour delayed… :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Thanks for the update.

I’ll be downgrading before we next fly as Travel insurance invalid for us by then. With mixed lounge experience, not worth £150 a year. I get better rates and interest with Chase Bank.

Without pre-booking this summer it’s the luck of the draw on whether you can get lounge access without Airline status and normally would have to pay an additional sum to prebook. That’s the case with Priority Pass anyway. If you’re just after lounge access for £150 you’re probably best looking for a PP deal or a direct credit card deal. Amex Gold gives you four free lounge visits for example and is free in year 1.