LoungeKey verification

Morning, I’m a curve metal holder and set up LoungeKey app when I got the card. Not used the app for a while, went in this morning and now asking me to verify the card. I’ve put my curve card PAN number in and says it’s not ‘eligible’

Anyone had the same issue? Any fix?

Do you by any means have a Business card (written on back)? You have to register at a different site then.

The first card I had issued was business, contracted support and got a replacement. Once I had the new card, I registered on the website with my curve card, via the curve LoungeKey link

so you used the personal link for your non-business card? it should work then. Strange…

Correct, odd! My workaround was to create a new profile with a secondary email address and it’s working fine now.

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On my Android I just tried the app and I had to reenter my Curve (business) card details, but that worked first time.

I also had a problem registering my non-business card via the Curve-provided link. It also said that my card was ineligible. Then I tried creating my account directly through LoungeKey iPhone app, and that worked just fine.

So? Curve says it’s a LoungeKey problem and LoungeKey says it’s a Curve problem.


Did you try to register through the Link Jas (Curve) has sent you?

Months ago (when I received my Metal) I successfully registered my card with LoungeKey.
A few days ago I checked the LoungeKey app and I was asked to verify my card to access all the app features.
Verification failed. After checking my account I found that my card was no more linked to my account and was impossible to link it again. The error message told me to re-register.
Registering again worked but now I have two account: the original one, useless because can’t link my card, but with the username I wanted; the new one, working but with a username that I usually use for other things (forums etc).

Clearly it’s not a big problem having a different username, probably more a OCD thing :sweat_smile:. But after contacting LoungeKey support I discovered how useless they are since they told me that they can’t merge the two accounts, they can’t fix the original one and most important they can’t delete accounts (told me to contact Curve, that clearly can’t do anything since I registered on a LoungeKey website, not on Curve website).