Maestro card support

I am also looking forward for Maestro cards to be supported in future, as there are few banks in Croatia which offer Maestro cards only.


Same for me - where I live (in the Netherlands), most stores only accept Maestro; no Mastercard or Visa, so Curve will only become useful for me when it starts supporting Maestro.


Wouldnt that require the Curve card to actually be a Maestro based card rather than a Mastercard one?


@Raz @jlfbetting Yes, that’s correct:

So, that’s why I created this idea:


@poeliev Yes, that’s a great idea. I have 3 maestro cards in my wallet right now, would love to be able to throw them all out.


Any news about maestro card support?


So the 6 months have passed… Do you have any updates on the Maestro card support @Curve_Marie?

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It’s gonna come right after Apple Pay, Curve Cast and Curve Credit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maestro Support would be great. In certain countries Maestro is issued as the standard Card Brand (for example in Austria).

I hope that Curve will support Maestro cards asap.
Too many banks in EU still issue Maestro cards as the standard debit card/cash card…
Let me add Italy to the list of countries where Maestro card are very common.

Agree , Italy, Germany and I would say Holland too have main market occupied by Maestro cards.

In Germany most cards are co-branded as Maestro or vPay Cards, but there is no Card Number on them. Unfortunately the main application on these cards is called ‘girocard’ and is only usable in Germany.

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In the Netherlands also Maestro cards don’t have numbers on them, but ‘behind the scenes’ they actually have the same kind of number as a Credit card and even a CVV/CVC. I have a certain Dutch Maestro card without numbers on it, but the number and CVV/CVC for that card can be found in my banking app.


No maestro support yet?
My problem, in italy, linke in Portugal is that there are 90% maestro debit

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When Maestro card will be supported? Will be possible during 2020?

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The only official answer we have as of January 2020:

It’s under investigation, so, not a priority…I guess we won’t have maestro card support in 2020.

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Yes completely agree

+1 for maestro!! That would be a game changer, also for some friends & colleagues!
Fingers crossed!

Would be great if I could link my Dutch bank account (which comes with a Maestro card) to Curve.

Maestro cards and Amex cards are fundamental.