Maestro card support

Hi guys, i’ve just actived my new card.

All works great, next step is to introduce Maestro support.

Thank you very much.


Curve don’t allow maestro cards to be added to the app or issue maestro cards as option to be used in countries where maestro is main card in use

Hello everyone, I’m a new happy user of CURVE!

Everything works great, it would be FANTASTIC to have Maestro support: please let it happen as soon as possibile! With Maestro support I can really live and travel with just one card.


Welcome to the community @SGardenghi!

Glad you’re enjoying using Curve. I’m sure the Curve team will look into this, the idea was first created in December 2018. Till then, happy Curve ‘ing’ :slight_smile:

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Any news about dual scheme card?
Curve MasterCard plus Maestro?

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Actually I don’t understand why Maestro cards are (still) not accepted, since Maestro is from MasterCard too!
Can you elaborate if Curve is going to incorporate Maestro cards into Curve, please, or at least if Curve aspires this?

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We naturally want you to be able to add your Maestro cards in the future :blush:


+1 on Maestro implementation (ASAP please!); Curve is a giant with the hands bound right now -at least in the Netherlands, where its use is strongly restricted for ‘normal’ users (Maestro bankcards).

I love the concept and the app -but without Maestro support only limited useful in my country.

Dear all,

I am new to Curve, and really impressed with this ‘one card to rule them all’ approach. Living in the Netherlands it was easy to set up an account with my (AMRO) creditcard and I have received and activated my blue card.

However… When I try to add my ‘usual’ bank accounts (all payment/ debit cards, only with an ‘IBAN number’ on it, Maestro as far as I know it) I faced the problem of lacking the 16 digit recognition number.
ABN-AMRO provides on their site a 16 digit number, coupled with the bank account (calls it ‘weareble’; for coupling a wearable to the bank account); but when I enter this number in my Curve account as ‘add a card to Curve’, it returns with “Card Unsupported” message.

This is very annoying, as I hoped to be able canalizing my expenses to ‘household’, ‘larger amounts’ and ‘business’ categories, with my accompanied 3 bank accounts (all ABN-AMRO) -and now I am just stuck.
Any help on this/ workaround, how to register these ABN AMRO payment accounts, with IBAN or 16 digit number?

I have found a (closed) thread on this issue ("foreign debit card with AN card number’, incl comments of @poeliev), and a reference to a ‘roadmap’ -but no newer info on this.
Anybody, any help please? Thanks in advance!

Your ‘standard’ bank card that is linked to your Dutch ABN-AMRO bank account is indeed a Maestro card. It is not possible to have a underlying Maestro card yet in your Curve wallet yet.

The latest Maestro card support update was in the January update. It’s under investigation:

And you can vote for it here:


Thanks for the fast and informative response.
As You also live in the Netherland and (I presume) sit in the same boat:

Is there any working solution (outside Curve) right now to replace my 3 bankcards (bankpas, Iban only, Maestro) and 1 CC with ONE card, which is capable of ATM/ shop paying from my 3 bank accounts - preferebly included NFC payments?

Directives are;

  • I do not want to change bank, in general quite satisfied with ABN-Amro
  • preferably no constructions where You have to deposit money to third party accounts.

I love this Curve idea of Lord of the Cards - but as I read your answer I don’t think it is ready for showtime (at least with about expectations) in the Netherlands (and I assume many other EU countries).
Thanks for any tip/direction.

Let me start by saying that because Curve is a MasterCard and not a Maestro or double scheme card (MasterCard and Maestro) the idea of the only card to carry will not work in the Netherlands anyway, since there are too many shops that don’t accept MasterCard.

What I don’t understand is the 3 bankcards you have. Does this also mean you have three bank accounts with ABN-AMRO? Could you please explain.
If I understand I might know some solution, but must check if it is still active and I don’t have any experience myself. Besides this solution, though I do live in the Netherlands (and also love it :wink:), I am not really in the same boat, because I ‘carry’ my cards with me through GooglePay on my SmartWatch and have only one backup card on me (for ATM usage).

‘carry’ my cards with me through GooglePay on my SmartWatch and have only one backup card on me (for ATM usage).’
That is exactly my dream scenario -preferably without the one physical card on me; who needs cash money still nowadays?

AMRO HAD a solution, quite close to that, with enabling nfc payment from the mobile - but they have unplugged it (’ too little interest’ - quite unbelievable).

And The secret of the Three Bankaccounts:
Indeed, I have 3 seperate Bank accounts with Amro; one business account (handy to keep separate for accountancy, tax purposes), from which I pull my monthly 'salary: to my ‘big’ account (quite high limits of daily spends allowed, international transfers allowed, etc; using for bigger expenses, transactions in the private sphere), from which account again I transfer monthly money to 'housekeeping" (AH) account, to which several family members have access, and where money transaction are slightly limited (atm max amount, daily spending max amount).

Maybe sounds a bit complicated, but works (many years) OK; and gives me a peace of mind feeling, that the main risks of fraud are limited to the shared ‘small’, housekeeping account.
But, downside, a wallet full of plastic cards (3 bankcard + 1 cc)

In that case I don’t really see a solution. Especially since you prefer to stay at ABN-AMRO. I do now that at bunq you can create a couple of IBANs under the same account. You only have one bankcard, but the pin (I believe) decides from which the paid account the amount should be deducted.
Other ‘solution’ (and you can stay at ABN-AMRO) buy an iPhone and use ApplePay :wink:.

Thanks, this spares me a lot of search work (planned to do it tonight). I rest my case and wait (impatiently) for Curve rolling out their support for IBAN cards, as well (and I have voted for also, thanks again for the tip!).

As for the Aaifoon; not my thing, was between the first adaptors, went over to android - still hate the idea of Steve Jobs heritage mind control, even if you can get around with jailbreaking…

And, don’t ask me how, my freshly gotten blue Curve card has coupled to Gpay w/o any problems - and Gpay states (had no occasion to test it yet) that nfc payment is turned on with the curve card (cc was not allowed before). Cross fingers.
All together, quite happy with Curve; but IBAN card support would make the picture perfect.
Thanks again for ye advice.

The problem is not an ‘IBAN’ card. A MasterCard/Visa can also be linked to an IBAN and is the main bankcard for most people in other European countries. The problem is the Maestro card. In the Netherlands these Maestro card most of the times only have the IBAN on it, but behind the scenes (at Rabobank you can find it in the app) they also have a 16 digit number just like a MasterCard.
When Curve in the future might make it possible to add Maestro cards to your Curve wallet, you will need this 16 digit number to do so.


Just started reading the forum here, and have also found Your idea about ‘dual scheme card’ (Make Curve a dual scheme card) - and voted for, of course.

I have never realized (and never studied, also), that this market is so fragmented -and obviously, we here in the Netherlands are doing things completely differently, again.
Let’s hope a solution is on its way (included Your duals scheme idea; so some very positive responses, including from Curve)!

Would this (Maestro/ Mastercard) also effect my NFC payment through Gpay? I felt truly happy, when I saw that NFC payment is coupled to my Curve card; and was looking forward paying my morning DE coffee with my phone! Idle hope?

If the merchant does not accept MasterCard and you are trying to pay with your Curve card through GooglePay you will payment will not succeed at that merchant.

Why banks in NL still use Maestro? In Latvia long time ago we used Maestro and Visa electrons, but then at some points banks just decided to roll them out and start issue Mastercards (or VISA) for everyone. Currently there is only 1 bank which offers Maestro (its a choice not default card). And probably another one with Visa Electrons (also not offered by default).

For some reason the Dutch like their own ‘island solutions’. We developed our own local version of SEPA instant transfers which is incompatible with the EU standard. And we use iDeal for online payments unlike any other country in the EU. The use of Maestro is actually an improvement, it used to be a local solution as well called “PIN”.