Maestro card support

@Raz @jlfbetting Yes, that’s correct:

So, that’s why I created this idea:


@poeliev Yes, that’s a great idea. I have 3 maestro cards in my wallet right now, would love to be able to throw them all out.


Any news about maestro card support?


So the 6 months have passed… Do you have any updates on the Maestro card support @Curve_Marie?

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It’s gonna come right after Apple Pay, Curve Cast and Curve Credit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maestro Support would be great. In certain countries Maestro is issued as the standard Card Brand (for example in Austria).

I hope that Curve will support Maestro cards asap.
Too many banks in EU still issue Maestro cards as the standard debit card/cash card…
Let me add Italy to the list of countries where Maestro card are very common.

Agree , Italy, Germany and I would say Holland too have main market occupied by Maestro cards.

In Germany most cards are co-branded as Maestro or vPay Cards, but there is no Card Number on them. Unfortunately the main application on these cards is called ‘girocard’ and is only usable in Germany.

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In the Netherlands also Maestro cards don’t have numbers on them, but ‘behind the scenes’ they actually have the same kind of number as a Credit card and even a CVV/CVC. I have a certain Dutch Maestro card without numbers on it, but the number and CVV/CVC for that card can be found in my banking app.


No maestro support yet?
My problem, in italy, linke in Portugal is that there are 90% maestro debit

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When Maestro card will be supported? Will be possible during 2020?

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The only official answer we have as of January 2020:

It’s under investigation, so, not a priority…I guess we won’t have maestro card support in 2020.

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Yes completely agree

+1 for maestro!! That would be a game changer, also for some friends & colleagues!
Fingers crossed!

Would be great if I could link my Dutch bank account (which comes with a Maestro card) to Curve.

Maestro cards and Amex cards are fundamental.

Also keeping in mind, that its much cheaper to charge Maestro cards for Curve, so Curve would make a bigger profit when we use our Curve Mastercard and they only have to charge a Maestro underlying card


Maybe curve can offer the option for you to get a plastic curve card which is a maestro card which solves problems like going to Netherlands etc and still use the same power of curve aswell as curve allowing maestro to be added on curve app like they do mastercard and visa

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The Curve card being a Maestro-card and a MasterCard at the same time would serve me even better :wink: :point_down:t2: