Maestro card support

i would even pay for a card being a maestro and mastercard at the same time! curve, please do it! it would help not only for a loads of customers in the netherlands, belgium, austria etc., but also for a lot of visitors travelling to the netherlands, belgium, austria etc. who wants to pay by card at a local store, but without a maestro needs to leave without the goods to find an atm… i would be also ok with a “one account, more cards” approach as well, just support maestro somehow

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I totally agree with this. It is very frustrating for visitors to the Netherlands when a supermarket etc accepts only Maestro. Although my German bank account has a Maestro debit card, the Apple Pay version of it is MasterCard, so it’s not accepted in the Netherlands. Perhaps Curve could allow an Apple Pay Maestro card to be created for visitors to these countries, which would save the cost of issuing separate physical cards.


GooglePay too, please. :wink:

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+1 Maestro. Curve is useless without Maestro in the Netherlands.

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Make curve a dual scheme card, because a lot of german/dutch Merchants only accept Maestro and VPay.

Like German Fidor SmartCard
MasterCard incl. Maestro in one card
Like German IKEA Kreditkarte
VISA incl. VPay in one card

That will be great!


Also in Italy, we need that. Most of our banks use maestro cards.

That can be voted for here:

Germany is a bad example in my opinion. A merchant that doesn’t accept MasterCard, won’t in most cases accept maestro cards either, because Germany has a local card scheme named Girocard which is actual used when you pay with a standard German Debitcard. (N26 and Fidor are the only banks that issue “maestro only” cards.) There may be exceptions to that but most of the time a local shop like a butcher will only accept Girocard debitcards.

Last week 3 different merchants in Germany (in Lingen, Rheine, Münster). No VISA/Mastercard acceptance, but with Revolut Maestro (Maestro only) no Problem.


I personally only have encountered 3 occasions in the last 3 years where Maestro has been accepted but MasterCard hasn’t (penny, Freddy fresh pizza, metro petrol) and one of these merchants has changed their policy recently (penny). Maybe it’s because your region is near the Nederlands, whereas I’m in southern Germany most of the time.


Please work to introduce Maestro card support
Best regards


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If I don’t have access to MasterCard debit I would be forced to use bunq maestro card missing out on curve cash rewards if I visited a retailer on my six retailers list I had chosen there needs to be an option of a second curve card for these times or a dual card like maestro card aswell as mastercard

The UK has moved away from visa electron and maestro as banks from what I can guess from rules only allowed to issue visa or MasterCard for main debit cards or prepaid debit cards cause there used to be plenty maestro and visa electron cards now only certain mastercards Debit And visa debit are electronic online use only And only one bank I know issue visa debit prepaid card with a basic bank account

Hi guys, i’ve just actived my new card.

All works great, next step is to introduce Maestro support.

Thank you very much.


Curve don’t allow maestro cards to be added to the app or issue maestro cards as option to be used in countries where maestro is main card in use

Hello everyone, I’m a new happy user of CURVE!

Everything works great, it would be FANTASTIC to have Maestro support: please let it happen as soon as possibile! With Maestro support I can really live and travel with just one card.


Welcome to the community @SGardenghi!

Glad you’re enjoying using Curve. I’m sure the Curve team will look into this, the idea was first created in December 2018. Till then, happy Curve ‘ing’ :slight_smile:

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Any news about dual scheme card?
Curve MasterCard plus Maestro?

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Actually I don’t understand why Maestro cards are (still) not accepted, since Maestro is from MasterCard too!
Can you elaborate if Curve is going to incorporate Maestro cards into Curve, please, or at least if Curve aspires this?

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