Maestro card support

What makes your situation different to most others Dutchies is that you have multiple accounts at one bank ànd all with their own Maestro debit card.
Dutch banks offer you a Maestro card as a Debit card. If you also want to have a MasterCard (or VISA) they can offer you a Creditcard next to it. This Creditcard is (indirectly) linked to (one of) your bank account(s). Most Dutchies use their Credit card as a charge card, linked with a direct debit to their bank account. So for most Dutchies that would be the link between Curve and their main bank account.
What most Dutch banks do not offer is a MasterCard (or VISA) as a Debitcard. The only exception on that, that I do know of in the Netherlands, is bunq. If you live in the Netherlands foreign banks where you can get a Maestro card and a MasterCard/VISA Debitcard linked to one bank account are N26, Revolut and Openbank.

Thanks! Another dead-end street thus.

To say all IBAN accounts are maestro is incorrect I have bunq they have maestro and MasterCard and I also have Irish accounts with visa debit cards which are IBANs too also UK accounts many have IBANs but the use of maestro should have been dropped by mastercard the company behind it and then banks and payment providers would be forced to update to Mastercard and visa as standard in all countries like the Netherlands

Amen to that. Let’s hope this happens fast in the Netherlands. However, in the meanwhile dual Mastercard/ Maestro embraced by Curve would be a very welcome feature to all Dutch users, with Dutch Bank accounts and Maestro cards.

ADD: straight from the horse’s mouth.
I have just connected ABN-Amro (one of the main banks in the Netherlands): they do not offer any other form (VISA, Mastercard) of bankcard (‘bankpas’), ONLY and alone Maestro; there is no way to get another payment method (except creditcard) -and they do not intend to change theri policy on this.

@wbrowngala Dutch stay Dutch…:wink:

Make curve a dual scheme card, (MasterCard incl. Maestro in one card) because a lot of german/dutch Merchants only accept Maestro (and VPay).

Like German Fidor SmartCard

Of course it must be readable with an NFC scanner, otherwise you couldnt use contactless payments. But you can’t use that information to create fake cards and use them in a store to make an NFC payment. So that is only good for reading out the card details and for using it online.

All EU merchants must have 3dsecure enabled in accordance with PSD2 (grace period) so even with the card information you couldnt make any payments then online.
If 3dsecure is not enabled, as a merchant you have a harder time to fight a chargeback, so its also in the interest of every merchant to have it enabled.

If you don’t like the idea that people can read out your cards by standing very close to you you need to get a wallet that blocks any NFC transmissions via the wallet.

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— “We naturally want you to be able to add your Maestro cards in the future :blush:

What does it actually mean? Asking for a friend…

In a few more words: That it’s not possible now and although we want to make this possible in the future there’s not an estimated delivery time. Our intent is to make it possible to gather all your cards to the Curve cards.


Well I guess now Curve doesn’t need Wirecard anymore the maestro support should be relatively easier to implement right


What about countries that use local card acceptance that’s not MasterCard visa maestro v pay like Portugal with Multibanco payment cards and still offering visa electron cards which are not issued in many countries anymore

Maestro circuit is the main circuit I usually get here in Italy and my Maestro debit card is the main card a I use. That support is fundamental.

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