Magic Link not working

Hi - am trying to install Curve app on Galaxy S10. I have an account and receive the Magic Link but when I select the link the phone tries to open it in a browser - which fails of course. If I press and hold the link I get a choice to Open in Browser or Copy Link. But can’t see any way to change it so it opens the link in the app.

Under app settings I have specified open in app for supported web addresses but this hasn’t made a difference.

The supported web address in the app setting on the phone is but the magic link is - could this be the problem?


Actually the link should open very briefly (possibly so briefly that you don’t even notice it) in your browser. A webpage should open that shows a link (Open Curve). After that the Curve app should open automatically or, if that doesn’t happen, by clicking on that link on the webpage.

It looks like you are receiving the correct Magic Link, but recently there was someone that received one missing a dot:

Alternatively try to open the Magic Link in a different browser.

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Ah ha. Turns out on closer inspection the link was actually api…imaginecurve - with two dots.

So copied link, pasted into browser, edited to remove dot and managed to launch app successfully.

Thanks a lot @poeliev


@nicb This is becoming more interesting with the minute :wink:. We already had a Magic Link without a dot and now we have one with two dots. :point_up_2:t2:


To make it even more interesting.

Link in the email on my phone has two dots.

Same email delivered to my desktop - only has one dot.

It’s like buses, none for a while then two at once :rofl: