Make card details in app copyable

So recently received my investor card and I thought “awesome”. However no card details printed physically on the card, a little miffed but thought ok I’m sure they’re in the app. Yea they are in the app, but each time I wish to use them I have up write the card number, expiration and CVV down, in order for me to make a purchase online. Which is to say the least annoying. Can you implement the ability to copy the card details from the app, as seen in the revolut app. Would make life a lot easier.


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Ability to copy the card number itself would be very useful for using curve online.

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Blimey, you seriously can’t copy it???

Talk about most basic assumption! How are you supposed to use it!?

Upvoted! I’ve seen some apps ‘limit’ the amount of time the card number stays in the clipboard (for security reasons) so that’s a minimum.

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However it works, I’d have thought it was absolutely essential to be able to copy/paste the details or it’s almost useless.

Even if you could get them into iCloud Keychain or whatever Android’s equivalent it, that doesn’t always even recognise when card details are required…

Looks like the fix is coming in an update - Introducing A New Generation Of Payment Cards

That is something we will make possible in an upcoming app version :smiley: I don’t have an ETA just yet


This is in the May update, so I’m sure it’ll be out in no time. I’ve tested it on the Beta version and it looks good! Curve Product Update May 2020

Tested in today’s app update (Beta) and working great :slight_smile: :grin:


Feature has been implemented