Make card nickname more visible


I think the card nickname should be more visible in the Curve app, and could be set on the card image, or at least on a place where it would be better readable. Now the card nickname can only be find with a small font under the text “Wallet” in the left upper corner.

It would be much more easy to see what card is in use, and is it a debit or credit card, specially if you have more cards in the app.

I think if we could select all the proper designs the card name would be not a big issue . Unfortunately main problem is that card designs are limited and the real one take so much time to be put online for us ( not sure why take this long )


I agree that there could be some design tweaking that could be done to make it more visible.

That’s a huge problem for me as most of my cards don’t have custom images. It’s mind blowing that someone tought this was a good design idea

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:pray: I agree that