Make Curve a dual scheme card (MasterCard&Maestro)

To improve Curve’s “All your cards in one” idea, I would love to see that the Curve card becomes a dual scheme card. MasterCard&Maestro (probably easiest to implement) or Visa&V PAY (probably more difficult to implement).

This idea will increase the acceptance of the Curve card at merchants in countries as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria (and more?). And will not lead to any loss of acceptance in any other country.
The advantage of a dual scheme card versus two separate Curve cards (e.g. a separate Maestro one and a separate MasterCard one) is that you only need to carry one card (“All your cards in one”).

MasterCard/Visa would be awesome. Still a lot of shops here who doesn’t accept MasterCard.

Fidor bank has a MasterCard/Maestro card :wink:

Not in the UK :frowning: MasterCard only here unfortunately

Eurozone only :slightly_smiling_face:

Though I agree that would be really awesome, I think it is almost impossible to achieve, since Visa and MasterCard are competitors.

How is Maestro acceptance compared to MasterCard acceptance in Denmark?
I found this interesting picture (made in Denmark?).

I have never seen a shop that accepts Maestro ever in Denmark.

I’d say Visa is about 95% acceptance and MasterCard is about 85%.

We still have a few shops that only accepts cash.

There is at least one :wink:.

Where is this from?

I found the picture here.

Is that dual as in you could pick to have a MasterCard OR Maestro Curve card?

Or the card would support BOTH? Because that would be cool, Curve is about giving you options, being able to support a wider range would be great.


To be honest what I’d prefer to see is all shops accepting all cards and losing business when they don’t…!

There is no need for card payments - especially in the EU - to be expensive for the retailer. What is needed is for banks to stop overcharging and the challenger payment companies to grow and prove that card payment doesn’t have to be absurdly expensive.

The thought of a shop in London not accepting cash is unthinkable - they’d simply never get any custom! I was recently in a Pret A Manger when the card payment system had to be reset - a two minute job, and 95% of the customers just left.


Dual scheme means one card supports both. If you think it is cool, please vote :wink:.

As mentioned in the topic Fidor (in Germany) offers a dual scheme MasterCard&Maestro and e.g. in the Netherlands there is a Visa&V PAY card.


2 combination cards:

  1. MasterCard/Maestro combination
  2. VISA/V-Pay combination

A bit like the German Barclaycard Platinum Double


Bunq also supplies a dual master/maestro card. If you use the NFC function it services as master card and when you put it in it becomes maestro. These can be switched that nfc services as maestro too in the settings


That’s really cool! Would be very useful in Germany and the Netherlands where they prefer Maestro cards


Are you sure about that? Bunq as far as I’m aware, and im a costumer of theirs, provides SEPARATE Maestro and MasterCard cards

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I have a premium account at bunq and never heard of such a card. They offer a Mastercard, a Maestrocard and -brandnew a Travelcard…This is a creditcard without credit

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Interesting - I can’t find any reference to this on their website. Could you explain more? From your description (a credit card without credit) it sounds no different to any other debit card… If it’s not MasterCard or Maestro, what network is it on?


You can find some answers here:

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