Make Curve a dual scheme card (MasterCard&Maestro)

Not all will be eligible for card payment machines due to strong credit checks performed to get them and I’ve went through them in the past due to what I did back then and a lot of companies refused you I didn’t say you said you wanted cash scrapped I might have said wrong way

If it’s a genuine business, which does not insist on cash to facilitate tax evasion, then they should have no problem passing the background checks. Why is it that almost every retail business in places like London and Sweden accept cards, yet in other places they refuse to accept cards? It’s nothing to do with passing credit checks, but down to the business’s reluctance to give up the advantages of cash such as tax evasion.

I was credit checked for one and I was doing selling in front of people but companies such as barclaycard and worldpay refused to provide the services of card payment cause I didn’t pass credit check

Only banks offer Maestro support. Curve is not a bank

Revolut isn’t (wasn’t) a bank either and they support Maestro.
And I know of (other) non-banks offering prepaid Maestro cards.
So definitely not only banks offer Maestro cards.

If a non-bank is able to support debit MasterCards, they should be able to support debit Maestro cards as well. Both debit cards, just another label within/under the same brand (MasterCard).

with Revolut, bunq, N26, Maestro support is linked to the bank account

As said, when I ordered my Maestro card Revolut wasn’t a bank (yet) and there are other non-banks that offer a prepaid Maestro card. So also non-banks can offer Maestro card.

Maestro card is just another Debit card under the MasterCard brand, but apart from the ‘name’ there is not much difference with a debit/prepaid MasterCard.

Maestro is particularly attractive for businesses because of its low cost. This is because the fees for processing cashless payment transactions are usually noticeably lower for businesses whose customers pay with Maestro than when paying with debit / credit cards.

@poeliev so if the Curve mastercard will be a Curve Maestro card the issue is solved;)

But that would mean that you would not be able to pay with your Curve card in certain countries (e.g. the USA), so it would be better if it is a MasterCard and a Maestro card ‘at the same time’.
Or if Curve next to the physical MasterCard would offer a virtual Maestro card, for you to add to Apple pay or Google pay.


Yeah only a virtual maestro as an addon will be perfect!

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Is there any news on this? I would love to be able to use my Curve card in Belgium.

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Not sure which country you are talking about, but in the Netherlands foreign (non-Dutch) Maestro cards are accepted. I have one with a German bin and one with a Spanish bin and both are accepted here in the Netherlands.

Rare though they are, UK ones are not accepted.

Where? In the Netherlands? That would surprise me, because my Spanish and German Maestro card are accepted everywhere in the Netherlands where Maestro is accepted.

Yes. Though I never tried the machine, the shop owner wouldn’t even try. You get that a lot in Germany as a foreigner. They claim that “the credit card machine doesn’t accept foreign cards” when they mean “we don’t trust foreigners with credit cards”

Very surprised by the behaviour of this shop owner in the Netherlands. You can’t see on the outside if a Maestro card is foreign. And the fact you didn’t speak Dutch, does not have to mean that your Maestro card isn’t Dutch.

Besides that I am pretty sure that if you would have tried to pay with your UK Maestro card it would have been accepted by any POS machine in the Netherlands.

I never got the chance.