Make Curve FX free limit visible in-app

Curve black users receive:

Unlimited free currency conversion (subject to fair use of £15,000 a year, beyond which we may charge 2% of the amount of the transaction as currency conversion fees

Would be great if we see how much of the 15k£ we have already used in the app under limits.
–>Vote if you like it.

Also, does the limit of 15k£ mean 15k£ in fx fees (what can be seen in each foreign transaction as:“You save approx … in fx fees”) or 15k£ based on the original transaction in a foreign currency?


Would be an excellent addition - also in general still need the ability to see when limits will reset in coming days/weeks.


how do you vote?
is there a vote button?

It’s at the top of the page?

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got it - thanks Ed!!!

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As you probably know with the free plan you get inter bank FX rates for up to £500 worth and then 2% fee.
However, I can’t figure out how to check how much FX you’ve used so far.
I can put filter for the last 30 days but since I have cards in different currencies and spend in different currencies as well, I can’t figure out an effective way to filter out just the transactions that used some FX.

A better solution would be simply to remove the £500 limit on non-surcharged FX. I see no reason for this limit, particularly as it unnecessary limits the amount of uncapped interchange fees that Curve can earn on non-EEA purchases. And even if you’re under the limit, you still get stung with a surcharge at weekends, because Curve neglects to postpone the FX until Monday, for example at the WMR 4pm fix.


It would be good to be able to see the remaining free FX limit in the app but to be honest I find the entire system of weekend and over-the-limit fees way too much hassle so in practice I just use underlying cards that don’t charge any fee on top of Visa/MC FX rates and set them to the local currency in Curve.

Personally would prefer if Curve just used Mastercard FX rates, which are close enough to mid-market for me.


Voted for this, and commenting to bump up the conversation.

This is honestly the sneakiest side of using Curve.
It’s impossible to keep track of your fee-free limit and because the single transaction don’t show the fee charged by Curve, most people don’t realise that they are over their monthly limits.

  • Under the “Curve Limit” view of the card screen, they should add a “free exchange fees limit” entry

  • In the “Wallet” screen, each transaction should show the fees incurred. This could be achieved by simply showing the amount of fees inline, or adding a visual clue that the transaction has fees and then display the amount in the detailed view of the transaction (see mockup attached).

/cc: @Marie


Other 2 fintech’s I use have this feature, you can see how much free fx left in current month. Very useful !


Which are they?


More people should vote for this.


My guess is that Curve is not eager to display this info, thats why its probably not yet implemented. Ppl will see that they exceeded their free limit and stop spending. Not good for Curve :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t understand how this is not a thing already. If you’re going to have limits, you should be transparent with your customers about them.

I’m a Metal user and it doesn’t affect me as much but still, this is a good thing to have.


Have to agree, this is sneaky. I didn’t even know there was a monthly limit for FX, just got charged €23.14 fee including a bloody weekend fee!


Bump. This should be already implemented…

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Agree any situation where charges are applied above a limit should have a tracker available - something similar also needed for the new Curve Fronted £10k/month limit.


I was hit by this on a recent holiday to Ibiza, only noticed it once I clicked into the transaction. Personally I think the standard limit is not sufficient or workable even with moderate spend if you’ve been out for a couple of meals. With cash being less and less accepted. I also recommended Curve to my friends and one of them commented on this specifically.


Still not even an answer to this?

Agreed. This really needs to be visible in app.