Make it Easier to Find your Monthly Statement

Right now, in the Android app, if you are on the Curve Credit card screen and press the gear icon, it brings up your balances but not an option to view your statements or when your balance due date is. You have to press the tiny exclamation point next to Current Balance on the main card screen. And then you can find your statements.

This should be much easier. We need easy access to Curve Credit Statements. A statement is also the only place I have found to see your payment due date. This should be MUCH more obvious as well. I think that maybe the card Settings and the Balance Details should be a single thing? Or make balance details more obvious? Statements and due dates could also be added to the Account section of the app.


Thanks for the tag and the feedback, @PaulieMyk, I’ll be passing this along to the US team for you!

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