Make it possible to add Maestro cards as underlying card to the Curve wallet

Maestro has a different fee scheme for merchants, I bet that’s why its harder for curve to add it. I also believe a maestro payment cant be easily reversed like with a credit/debet card.
I do hope curve will come with a solution. Even if we have to pay a small fee it might still be very attractive to us Europeans with maestro cards.


And it’s a driver for people to keep renewing subscription. For me I see no reason to renew my metal and I will definitely just use the free one if maestro is not supported.

I am still hoping for this feature… :roll_eyes:

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Still nothing I guess ?..

Still nothing?

We need maestro support. In NL we can’t pay with visa or mastercard in a lot locations. I want to use Curve for al my transactions but not possible because maestro is missing!

Also then i can add my cro visa behind the maestro, will be great!!


It’s not Maestro card support (as described in the opening post) you need, because being able to add Maestro cards as underlying cards to your Curve card does not solve the problem of the poor MasterCard and Visa acceptance in Dutch stores.
Being able to add Maestro cards to your Curve wallet does not change the Curve card itself. It’s still a MasterCard. So if merchants don’t accept MasterCard, they will still not accept Curve.

So it is this :point_down:t2: what you want.


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Still no Maestro support? No news from the developers?

Hi, any news about that?

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Dear all,

any news?
thanks in advance

And provided this situation persists, it will remain an issue. I think the OP doesn’t understand that the merchant (or the merchants’ equipment) will see Curve as a Mastercard.

Now if Curve was able to issue a Maestro card…but that wouldn’t help, as these merchants won’t even accept a Maestro card from outside their own countries…

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Problem solved for me. My bank sent me a MasterCard card :sweat_smile: Thanks Curve for the silence

My guess is that you won’t see a maestro support anytime soon. We will see a competitor doing it first

Hi everyone. Any news about the Maestro support on Curve?



It’s the same in Belgium. Plenty of shops won’t accept Maestro cards. Only the local Belgian debit card called BanContact-MisterCash. All other Visa or MC debit cards have minimum spends of between €5 and €15, or are not accepted at all.

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Just read in this thread Mastercard to abolish Maestro in mid-2023 - across Europe - #4 by poeliev that all dutch Maestro cards will be replaced by Debit Mastercard and VISA Debit around mid 2023. Still some time to go but I would be happy with this development. But I guess Curve is not going to invest in Maestro-enabling our cards since this replacement of Maestro seems so be a Europe-wide development. Original article (in Dutch): Is dat 'n pinpas of creditcard? Betaalpasjes worden vanaf 2023 vervangen | NOS

My Italian bank debit card is Maestro, please add the support so I can use Curve, thanks

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@poeliev is there any new news on this topic.

My bank only issues maestro cards for main bank account and I get my paycheck to this bank/Maestro account. I have to transfer funds to one of my prepaid MC/Visa cards to be able to use Curve. It’s annoying.

Hi and welcome to our community.

I don’t work for Curve, but given the fact that Maestro will soon be a thing of the past (see article and community topic below) I sincerely doubt realising this will have priority for Curve.

In some cases, banks may even start providing their customers with new debit cards before July 1, 2023, but no new Maestro cards will be issued in Europe after that date.