Making wallet even more thinner - add ID card, driving license, passport scan

As title says; if loyalty cards can be added (I haven’t seen it yet, beta feature?) maybe scanning ID card, driving license, passport (locally, encrypted stored?) would be a nice next step to make my wallet even more thinner…

While it’s a good idea, I doubt the legal implications of those documents would be quite hard to comply by Curve, especially across the entire EEA.

In Spain, in particular, you’re required to have the physical card if you need to present it, and no other thing besides a paper passport is, currently, able to replicate its legal status.


Same in the Netherlands; however, in everyday life there are plenty situations (aside of police controls :roll_eyes:) when a copy of passport/ ID card is sufficient -that’s why I carry a photo of these documents on my phone (in Evernote, encrypted), and I can use them in many situations, when “legal” identification is not strictly needed…

Apparently now in Spain is available the digital driving license, -maybe that can be shown also in banks and other institutions ¿? :man_shrugging:t2:-


Since you are trying to make it all in one wallet by adding the loyalty cards, is it possible to also make all the verified card details viewable like the Curve Card? And also to store ID like the driving license, passport so I can actually delete the wallet app - folio.

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It’s only a matter of time before passports, national identity cards, visas and driving licences move to digital format. This will probably involve the person who wishes to verify the validity of the digital document to send an electronic query to the issuing authority, together with an authorising token from the digital document (to prevent querying by a person who does not have access to the digital document). A digital document will be more secure than a physical document, because records held on the issuing authority’s database cannot be forged, unlike physical documents which are forged very commonly.

The DVLA, which issues driving licences in Great Britain, has already implemented an electronic verification system, which shows all data except the photo and signature. In addition to the driving licence number, one needs to submit the holder’s National Insurance (UK social security) number.

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Oh, yes; and a copy of my health insurance, gym membership and vehicle (car) ID card; later hopefully digital, but as for now, a local (phone) stored, encrypted pic would do, as well
With these added; my wallet can stay (most of the times) at home!

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As someone that works in a Post Office and has formally been a Publican, I can tell you without a spread of doubt that these will not carry in any financial or legal sector. Originals will ha e to be seen. Scorecards and other vouchers might be something better to look into though…

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