Manage receipts from Curve (Gmail) using IFTTT


This is a little project inspired by this post here done by @Pawel .

My need was to better manage my budget on all my cards and for that I decided to create a little script that gets my Curve Receipts from Gmail and sends the formatted data to IFTTT.
From then on, my Applet can do pretty much what I want it to do, for this case I used it to store it payments on a Google Sheet.

You will find all info on deployments, prerequisites and code on this the following Github Project.

Deploying this script might require some IT and development (JavaScript) knowledge, but nothing some Google searches cannot resolve.

Here is what my IFTTT Applet looks like :

Hope some people in here find some useful tips in this little project.


I really like the idea of automating things and this case looks sweet, but just out of curiosity, to get the transactions, would it not be easier if you just export transaction into a csv file and sent it by mail? This functionality is included in Curve app.

Thanks for the feedback Jesus !

I was aware of the fact that the Curve App had a CSV Export, however it is not automatable, as in you have to do it manually in app then input the data in whatever app or spreadsheet you use for finances.

I wanted everything to be automated so that it can fill current and future purposes as well. For instance, I use one of my cards in Curve as a Work Expenses Card. In the process I described, I can automatically tag Work payments and transform it automatically in my expense report and I have no manual input to do.

Hope I cleared up some thing :slight_smile:

Absolutely, and it looks really nice. I will indeed have a look of it to see if I can use it :wink: