"Manage your subscriptions" card images slightly off

Hi! When upgrading to Curve Metal within the app, Curve Card images for different colors aren’t standarized.

  • The rose card is a few pixels above the rest of the colors,
  • the red card doesn’t have a transparent background on the edges and has an ugly gray border instead.

On the top of that, the button to change the color to the red card (when inactive) looks more pink than red.

Those are small changes, which I think are easy to implement, but personally for me solve quite annoying UI issues.

Wow - so much spare time on your hands… :slight_smile:

Hi nick69g,
Pawel gave some valuable feedback, please do not discourage users to submit feedback, that’s what the forum is for.

I’m not discouraging anything… it’s just an observation that to notice those differences in the image, you must have really been looking as it is not hard to spot. So to spend the time doing so, you must have lots of time to do so…

For me, valuable fedback contributes to making meaninful and beneficial changes.

I just noticed it by accident and I’m sure fixing it is not a big deal as well. Still, we all want the app to be better, right? If I were developing the app, I would want to know if I missed some minor issue.

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I agree. It was a very clever spot.