Managing Subscriptions

Hello everyone

I’m an everyday Curve User, and planing to get Curve Black, and wanted to suggest a new feature.

It’s being able to manage subscription from the card level, Like when having a Netflix Subscription (Netflix have tokenized my Curve Card for future payments), I can just stop Netflix subscription withing the Curve App (or just disable any future payments from that merchent)

For now, I’m using Paypal as I tought that is the only service that supports-it, but found this Stop wasting hundreds of euro on unnecessary subscriptions you forgot to cancel | Vivid Germany, don’t know if it’s even legal to block a specific merchant from my card, but here it-is.

It’ll be a lot helpful, and btw ? How I can enable 3D Secure to approve every payment I make with my curve card ?

So basically you want a virtual card linked to your Curve card that can be canceled at a moments notice. Yeah it can be done I’m not sure if Curve will do something like that as it’s already a semi virtual card.

If you’re in the UK I know Monzo and Revolut offer a virtual card on their paid plans.



No I was talking about using the main Curve Card, I don’t want a gazzillion cards to manage (even virtual ones).

Just check the link and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Yeah I doubt that’s ever going to happen to be honest, not from Curve at any rate. We can dream though as it’s not a bad idea.

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Voted. Vivid card has very nice subscriptions management feature. Having this in Curve would be nice very nice.

It would also love to have the ability to set which card different recurring subscriptions should use