Manually topping up Curve cash

So here’s the thing, love the idea of Curve Cash but it requires improvement.

I signed up with the £10 bonus and then invited a friend and got a further £5, now with the new £15 total I attempted a purchase with Curve cash… But of course my spend total was just over the amount I had.

I tried to find a way of topping up curve cash, and, well it doesn’t exist.

So I contact Curve support and they said the feature doesn’t exist and they didn’t explain that there’s a way around this. Being anew user it was only weeks after I realised that if someone sends you cash the Curve cash increases. So I’m fairly content for now and have a way around the limited feature set.

Anyway, any chance you can implement the feature where I can top up the figure myself without having a friend send me cash? I mean it’s 2020, I don’t want to ask for favours.

Why can’t I just use another card? I don’t want to :slight_smile: I want to use my Curve cash.

Another option could be to use all available Curve cash and charge the difference on the last used card

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You can already vote for that here:

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Thanks, voted

I guess we can check other approaches in the market.
Monzo allows topping up by PayPoint. They get £1 fee and they have a limit of £1000 every 6 months period.

Because now we have Curve cash, topping up/sending money to that account would be a great feature.

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Simply ask a friend using Curve to send you the money, and it’ll be deposited to your Curve Cash.

Did you read my original post? I already know that, and, I do not want to ask a friend to send me money…

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