Manufacturing flaw?

I just wondered if there is a manufacturing flaw for the curve metal card. I’ve just received my Curve metal card with the ‘flaw’ as seen next to the MasterCard logo in the image attached.

My friend, who received his card two days prior, also has the same issue and a quick search on twitter seems to find many other cards.

Is this ‘chip’ a design feature?

Looks rather annoying for such a good looking card.


That is actually a very very tiny TM mark. It is meant to (and I believe required) to be there.

It’s on all mastercard cards, e.g. with my Monzo card

Mastercard seem to be gradually being more minimalist with their card design requirements. So they may remove it at some point. But for now it is required.

E.g. there was a recent update to remove the mastercard wording.


Thanks for clarifying.
At least I know it’s supposed to be there. I guess etching such fine print must be rather difficult.


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Well spotted, @JackO :grinning:

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My TransferWise and DiPocket cards don’t have it

My bunq Travel Card does not have the MasterCard wording . Also the signature field is not present anymore and the card is unembossed. So pretty minimalistic indeed.

You’re exactly right, it’s just the very very tiny TM mark. I was also worried when I first received my Metal card and then someone told me what it was. Maybe we need to start shipping magnifying glasses with our cards :mag: :joy: