Many transactions declined this time

I support Curve in the storm, and i love the concept and the product too.
But for the moment i encounter many transactions declined, today yet with a car wash station i usually go, and after that i think i’ll use more my underlying cards directly for a couple of weeks. With my previous black curve( the prepaid one) all was accepted everywhere i need, highway tolls and car wash stations. but since i have the black Debit curve, highway tolls and car wash stations are declined too much often, however with the same underlying card . Maybe a delay to accept the BIN of the debit Curve cards? don’t know, but i’ll wait a couple of weeks before using it again in these two cases. I cross my fingers , in Curve I trust. Pat.

I do remember when a certain new bank with a red M started in the U.K. a lot of their cards were being refused by the card machines without the card machine even dialing up to visa/MC. Was told that it was because the merchant hadn’t done a BIN update. Took a good year for the BIN to be updated.
Trying to tell that to someone in a forgien country!!!

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Hi ! Yes i agree ! but with the previous Curve Black prepaid with raised numbers, all was running since the first day i received the card…
Well, i understand for the BIN database needed to be updated, and i’ll wait of course, but for the moment i use my underlying card directly with these machines ( car wash station, and highway tolls).

Hello @Patrick_BB,
It’s quite possible that it’s due to the BIN. As @anon97240586 mentioned, it can take a while for the merchant to update the list. Could you please reach out to Customers Support and as them if they can look into exactly why the declined occurred?

@Curve_Marie . hello Marie. Yes i’ll do that!
But strangely, the transaction was declined at the POS terminal, (“declined”) , but no trace inside Curve app ! no debit, no refund, nothing… nor on the underlying card…

I have just attempted to pay a monthly council tax instalment using my Curve Metal (with my Barclaycard as the selected payment card within the Curve app). After the usual ‘please wait while we process your request’ the screen on the Council’s payment web page stated very clearly: ‘Transaction Declined’. Hey ho, I go back and repeat the transaction using the Barclaycard directly. Just as the transaction completes my phone springs into life to tell me that my Curve account has just paid my council tax!
The frustrations of using Curve since the subscription model was launched are really becoming intolerable.