Marks & Spencers credit card & Sparks

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post or if my question has been answered elsewhere. If I use Curve as the proxy for my M&S credit card in a M&S store, is the transaction treated as if my M&S card has been used or as a different card. The reason fr asking is work out if I need to carry my M&S card so that I can access offers that require both my Sparks card and M&S credit card.

You would need to pay directly with your M&S card. If you use it via Curve, M&S (the store) will only see your Curve card, whilst M&S bank will see an online transaction with Curve as the merchant.


Agree with @podgib - if getting deals with M&S that require their CC then you need to carry/use it as required. They can’t see anything about the underlying card.

Thanx to @podgib and @ediflyer. I suspected that was the case so will continue to carry my M&S card :frowning:

Niall, i have an M&S card, and shop there regularly, think im on over 300,000 sparks, none of the offers i have ever received require me to use the M&S card itself, just the sparks card. Do you mean the paper vouchers you get in the post? They would need you to use your M&S card directly absolutely. 99 times out of 100 i use my curve card in M&S.

Thanx, Mark. When you use Curve do you receive the full Sparks points or the reduced level applicable to non-M&S purchases? In relation to the use of offers, yes, I was referring to the one’s associated with paper vouchers.