Marriott in Cash back - program feels limited for non UK residence

Blue card user since beginning of this year. Trying to decide if a metal or Black-card is worth the upgrade and the fees they bring every month. I’m not living in the UK and don’t travel to the UK so often.

In Curve’s Cash back-program I notice Marriott International is one of the brands. Is the cash back for Marriott International valid for Marriott non UK hotels or only limited to Marriott UK hotels as it was with the old reward program from this link?

My underlying credit card is already giving me 1% in return so it would be great with an extra 1% for all my spending with Curve. I do think that Curve’s Cash Back program feels very limited for non UK residence and I understand why as the HQ is in London but why not start to give 1% in return on all spendings instead of being limited to certain brands? Could be one of benefits for the Metal card? Revolut is already doing it but outside the EU.

Hey @garpen0

-The Curve Cash program still includes the restrictions for the Marriott International that are listed under the old rewards program.- You do get multiple other benefits for upgrading to Black like the AXA coverage and more Fx Fee-Free spend.

For the merchants that are available, I’m not sure what you’re limited it to from the selected available for your area, however, I know there’s a lot of behind the scenes work that has to be done about this.

When you’re layering your cashback from your underlying card and your Curve card, you’ll have to see if your issuer will allow 1% ontop of the 1% in their Terms and Conditions as the transactions are going to come through from Curve as an e-commerce transaction.

I can’t really offer an answer on why the decision was made over number of merchants but I’m sure the feedback can give be given to the team.


You should be able to receive Curve Cash from any of your Marriott International bookings. My information for incorrect! Apologies for that. If you were to sign up to Curve Black and for some reason, not receive your points. You’ll just need to contact Support with your receipt and your account can be updated manually.

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Thanks for your quick reply @Jes
I see, with those restrictions then the cashback program wouldn’t benefit so much for me. Can Imagine useful for certain UK customers.

I hope you will launch a card sometimes in the future or as an extra benefit for Metal card users, let’s say 0,5-1% cashback on all payments made with Curve Card (except of course ATM withdraws etc the usual) returned on Curve Cash card. I’d be happy to sign up and pay for a card with a benefit like that.

Still satisfied with my free Curve Blue card and uses it frequently in my home country. For abroad travelling I use other cards suitable for that.

I’ve just updated my response! Apologies for my mistake.

I’ll pass along your suggestions to our team, its a great idea to look into and see what can be done for our customer base. :slight_smile: