Mass declines, because of new strong authentication in UK

My many declines seem to have stopped now, which is good as I like using my new black metal card.


That’s great news Addie! Have the issues you were experiencing also stopped @nickmcgee, @Dann and @MJP?

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Yeah! Mines all sorted!


I’ve experienced this today - glad to know its not just me with excessive declines today
It also appears to be inoperative with apple pay too

I can’t comment on Apple Pay as I’ve had issues with Apple Pay and underlying cards anyway.

I only use my curve card sporadically now.

Hey @LDPIX, sorry to hear you experienced declines yesterday. This was more likely related to the short period of downtime experienced by Curve yesterday. I’m still gathering information on the cause of this from the team and plan to provide an update later this morning.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by these declines!


I’m having the same issue… have contacted support for advice.

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Hey @Boca, welcome to the Community! I’m not aware of any downtime being experienced recently so this is more likely specific to your account. You’ve definitely done the right thing by reaching out to the support team and they should have you ready to spend again in no time.

Had two declines in two days at Tesco. Stupidly left my wallet at home trusting curve yesterday but today after they told me to re add my curve card to my digital wallet still declined payment but worked fine with my bank card contactless. Quickly becoming a gimmick

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I’ve experienced this problem on many occasions over the last few weeks.

I can no longer pay off my credit card bills via Curve, or do super normal e-commerce transactions like buying things online from e.g. TK Maxx or Argos.

The 3DS window appears, but no code ever arrives, and the input box to input the code also doesn’t appear. Instead after a few seconds a failure message appears.

I’ve contacted customer support about this, but haven’t had a satisfactory answer yet.

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I am also having issues online. The verification box pops up online then vanishes with an error message saying that the payment has failed. This is annoying that I can not pay many of my suppliers online.

I also have a 3D problem with a UK issued BIN Curve card to pay online at a specific online VPOS provider most common in Hungary. I was told by Curve my issue is the same as yours. No 3D request window on payment and no declined transaction in the app but a bulky unsuccess notification of the attempt from the merchant’s side.

Having multiple declines today.

Ended up using my underlying card as it was easier and went straight through. Curve are saying there is no issues, when there is!

3DS problems on Curve’s end. CS just confirmed that with me as as was facing declines with a certain merchant.
Update: I have tried the transaction with same merchant, 3DS Screen came and went through successfully.
I don’t know if it has now been fixed.

I don’t know if my issue is related given that merchants aren’t letting me submit before the 3DS stage? However the timing and commonality with other new metal customers is concerning

Card not supported/recognised by merchants

Does anybody know the estimated resolution time for UK issued Curve cards’ 3D malfunction with certain VPOS providers? In Hungary these very Curve cards are failing to work with OTP Simple VPOS payment provider which is the most common one used for online payments.

Curve having 3DS issues again, shocker. Not really sure why I’m paying for this card if I’m honest, you’re never able to speak with support or if you do they never get back to you with an update.


They told me they reverified my account and I was good to go… nope, no I am not.

Still having issues although Curve sent me an email advising this has been resolved?

Anyone having issues paying off their Credit Card with Curve?

I can confirm I am still having issues with Curve rejecting 3D transactions sent by some VPOS payment providers’ platforms.

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