Mastercard 'Automatic Billing Updater?

Support for this would be super helpful. Both as a ‘merchant’ but also as a Mastercard.

Monzo have just announced they now support this and I’ve just activated a new card and it works really well!

Would be great if Curve would auto update my linked cards as well as update itself on merchants properly when new cards are issued. Super helpful feature that not many people are aware of.



Cool feature! Never heard of it before.
The underlying cards / “linked cards” won’t get updated unless the bank of the underlying card supports ABU.
Never heard of any bank in Germany supporting ABU, so I guess many other “old” banks in Europe also have never heard of it and it wouldn’t make any sense by putting man hours in developing to support ABU for underlying cards.

For a replacement Curve card that would be a cool feature thou!
But I assume that most card ownsers are actually happy when they receive a new card every few years and old merchant’s (or other stores) do not receive the update of their new card.
There are many stolen card info online, so its actually a good idea to get a new refreshed card every year or so and the old one is deactivated.

“We’ll send a message to Mastercard, which some merchants (such as Spotify) will use to update your subscriptions. Not all merchants understand this message though!”

Cool feature - thanks for suggesting :smiley:


It seems Visa also supports this. Just got a Visa card replacement and it got automatically updated pretty much everywhere but Curve, tough in PayPal for some reason it appeared as a new card and didn’t delete the old one