Mastercard contactless not working

Hey Community,

I got my Curve Mastercard two days ago. The first time I used chip and pin to activate contactless payments as well.
Then it was working like two or three times max, all of a sudden it won’t work anymore. The chip&pin works fine like always. Plus I noticed lay it is really low range for me. I had to actually lay the card on the reader… my other cards work way better tho.
I had one declined contactless payment today but used chip and pin to confirm it. Even my nfcReader app can’t read the chip anymore. Can someone help please?
EDiT: now and then the contactless works again. That is really weird tho…

Thanks a lot

I really don’t know why BUT many of my cards (not Curve in details… ) suddenly decided to not to work with NFC anymore… it simply happens! :expressionless:


Seems like a bad NFC antenna in your Curve card. :warning: I’ve got the same problem with my local public transport :trolleybus: ID card for around 15 years :calendar: (yes, I haven’t change it for such a long period :blush:) - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. :face_with_monocle:

You can try asking Curve customer :phone: support for a replacement card. :credit_card:

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