Mastercard country BIN

It depends, which country is your shipping address in?

@Curve_Marie Its Slovenia :slight_smile:

You’ll have a UK BIN :slight_smile:

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Is there a definite list of countries and BINs? Are there plans to create one?

The Operation Team does have a list. The challenge with publishing as definitive information it is that the list evolves. Think that challenge extends beyond Curve as many bin list aren’t always 100% up to date. Customer Support can check the BIN number for you.

Would this be useful information to have on your Curve app? What do you use the BIN information for?

For me, it’s not an urgent matter, yet I’m curious about how it works as sometimes the card readers and ATMs offer me an option to DCC with euros, but other times it’s GBP, it seems almost random. My BIN is 537590.

PayPal, iTunes, AppStore, Spotify … and so on. All this service depends on your credit card country BIN.

My BIN is british and I am German. living in Germany

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Your country BIN is Germany @Pawel. The card is issued with GBP, however, the card is set settings in the app is for Euro. That is why you’re sometimes given the option for DCC at the ATM.

Yes, would be insanely helpful!
You could even put it on the regular Curve webpage, put a recaptcha on it so people don’t scrape the information.
But this would generate some real traffic since there is not a single updated BIN list online that can be accessed for free.
This way you would have people from all around the world looking up BIN numbers on the Curve webpage which leads to direct Curve traffic and possible new customers

It’d be helpful in the app, yep.

In the meantime, you can check it in as mentioned before, it’s free for a limited number of queries per minute (there’s some cost if you go beyond such limit)…

My Curve is shown there as :es: Spanish debit in :euro: €. That seems correct to me as I’m Spanish. :slight_smile:


My thinking was having your BIN and information under the card section on the app :slight_smile:


That would be really great!

I’ll let the Product Team know about the suggestion :slight_smile: It would be great to see this in the #ideas category to see how many would be interested in having the information available in the app.

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Apologies for the earlier mispost.

There is a spelling mistake in the first link you mention…now it links to a certain kind of site :scream::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Very sorry! It should be Autocorrect altered it without me noticing

Binlist says my Curve is issued by Wirecard in Germany (just like what @Curve_Marie said) but according to Bincodes it’s a British card issued by Curve (no mention of Wirecard).

:rofl: This one is stating that my card is from Russia, and I’m from Portugal

You’ll now receive country-specific cards :smiley: :credit_card: All cards, including curve metal, will have a country-specific sub-BIN