Mastercard fees on Curve

Can this be confirmed that all Mastercards are now receiving interest / fees for using Curve for some transactions?

I’ve had interest from Virgin and Halifax, I’m aware Virgin has been confirmed but are there others out there?

I think Curve has come to an end of this is the case.

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serious problem, a fix fee? Percentage? fixed fees?

NatWest has started to charge me

Probably it’s mostly related to NatWest (bank policy), and not because of Mastercard.

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It could be because since September 1 Curve modified something in its transactions and they arrive at the banks as if they were ATM operations, which causes commissions to be charged.

A topic about the issue:

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So far I did not get interest with revolut (with Curve business though)


Is this only credit cards? I took my credit card off before the changes to the free tier came in, as I did not expect to be able to keep 3 cards until expiry after Curve themselves had previously said that this would not be the case.

I only have 2 debit cards on my Curve now.

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I suspect it’s only cash withdrawals and Curve Fronted transactions using a credit card, not a debit card. It also seems that both a fee - 2.75% to 2.99% and interest when the credit card statement is produced will be charged. Interest charges would also apply the following month and every month until the transaction is repaid in full. This would be the ‘cash advance’ debit interest rate which is usually more than the purchase interest rate. The charges and interest would quickly mount up and make the use of Curve in these circumstances very costly. It’s difficult to see how this would make financial sense.

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HSBC UK credit. Charged interest less than £1 but not used Curve since. Don’t hold your breathe with support either. It wasn’t a cash transaction but a purchase. I don’t carry a balance so it can’t be anything else.


That’s much worse than I expected. If this applies to all purchases on MasterCard it will be a big disincentive to using Curve with any MasterCard transaction. Basically individual credit cards with no for foreign exchange charges will be a much better deal. It really cuts the ground from under Curve as it makes little sense to use it.


Any updates from OP or the Curve Card officials? This seems to be a concerning problem if that’s a widespread issue?

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I don’t get it. Curve should be treated like Apple Pay, Gpay,etc. and from what I have read they get a commission of 0,01%. Curve is paying? I’m really surprised​:bangbang::bangbang::bangbang:

Unlikely Curve support will reply. If you read any of the blogs on here you notices a distinct lake of support from Curve

I am using Curve with a Barclaycard Mastercard credit card underlying and I am not getting charged any extra fees (yet?).

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My Curve card refused to work with Barclaycard MasterCard a couple of months ago, something which we never resolved before my Curve Metal account was closed. Curve Fronted continued to work with Barclaycard Visa until the end though which was useful especially with a Honors Visa.

It’s worth noting though that Barclaycard have blocked Curve payments to settle account balances so any moving of money via Curve stops with Barclaycard. You’ll then need to pay the balance off using a standard, current account, debit card.

The Barclaycard Avios MasterCard is worth using Curve Fronted with - as you get on the paid version 1.5 Avios per £ and an upgrade voucher with a £10k spend. The other Barclaycard MasterCard offering 0.25% cashback is less useful although makes sense if you abandon Curve as it offers no-fee foreign currency spending weekdays and weekends and 0.25% cashback - a better deal than the foreign use fee waiver offered by Curve.

Since September 1, every time I make a payment through my xiaomi mi band 6 associated with curve, they are charging me a commission of €3. Could you tell me the reason?

you should ask this from your bank, curve does not charge commission fee

edit: yeah, maybe you should check the back of your card. if you see “business”, you should request a personal card instead

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Hi @Miguelon , Do you have a business Curve card?

Hello! Thanks for the help. I have the physical curve normal card (blue) I have been using the same card for a few months and everything without problems. I have also notified my bank and they say that conditions have not changed and that I am not the first case they receive.

What does the back of the card say? Is there a commercial label?

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