Mastercard fees on Curve

No, under the curve logo I don’t have any label.
I don’t know if it helps that I speak to you from Spain. My bank is called BANKINTER

Do you use it with a credit card or Curve front ? I use a business card and so far no 3%

the curve card is a debit card. but the card to which I apply the charge is a credit card. But again, it was perfect before. It has been since the day 01/09

Ask your the bank then.

I’ve done that, and they tell me it’s not theirs. I am going to claim a visa for now. I’ll tell you. Thank you

For me it definitely looks like a fee for the transaction. Ask your bank about the MCC code of the original Decathlon purchase.

it doesn’t matter what they say. you should check your bank’s terms and conditions for yourself. since you are charged from the 1st of september, something must have changed then or there’s something wrong with your bank’s systems

Curve have consistently ignored requests for clarity on the MCC data being provided even though it has resulted in punitive charges on customers.

I’m afraid it’s another example of Curve providing a service not fit for purpose.

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I think they are just being unprofessional and don’t have a clue what they are talking about.
“Comisión” is in Spanish, therefore it is not a charge done by Curve to your underlying card, which would appear with an English description as an online transaction, being it the only way Curve has to charge cards.
Since it appears as something else, it is a separate fee applied by your bank and you should insist with them on why they are applying it.

Sorry about the lack of reply, life and all that.

I now get charged for using fronted on Halifax and Virgin both are mastercards and both have informed me the charges look like ‘cash withdrawals’ Virgin said mastercard now charge and count Curve as eMoney and it gets charged as cash withdrawal.

A shame no one from Curve has bothered to respond but I’m not really surprised.


I have spoken with my bank. They reiterate that the commission, even though it is in Spanish, is not theirs and that they are commissions generated by Curve. In total I have 23 charges of €3… who will give me my money back?

Then please contact Curve’s support.

I did it 5 days ago and I have no answer. You have been much more efficient. Thanks.

Probably you are charging a Visa card and your bank is charging as it was an ATM withdrawal.
There is an issue, we are talking about it here: Curve Transactions showing incorrectly on Bank Statement - #85 by moon

Curve cannot generate what seems to be an internal commission. Curve can only charge your card for online transactions. The 3€ line is not an online transaction. It is a fee applied by your bank due to the related transaction.
It may be because of Curve, if your bank treats them as e-money or if Curve passes the wrong MCC, but because of is different from generated by.
So again, your bank is being unprofessional. Can you tell me, even in private, what bank is that and what is your type of account with them?
You need to fill a formal claim to them and if you get nothing out of it go to your local institution that is used to solve problems with banks. They need to explain where this commission comes from.


I have 3 mastercards and 2 Visa cards, mastercards are the only ones that get charges on, Halifax and Virgin have both told me this is down to mastercard now charging for ‘eMoney’ companies when using fronted, I can’t say I’ve noticed this on my normal purchases but I don’t really use them from day to day.