Mastercard fees on Curve

Indeed, it doesn’t affect all Mastercard cards, in fact I would say that it doesn’t depend on if they are VISA or MC, it depends on the issuing bank and whether they charge an amount for cash withdrawals or top-up of prepaid cards or similar, in their fee book. If I’m not wrong, the transactions with the empty description, it also causes the MCC of the operation arrives incorrectly to the underlying card, so the bank thinks that it’s a chargeable operation when it arrives with that incorrect merchant code. Probably, when they can fix that issue, it won’t happend this anymore :pray:


Agreed. Curve change all mcc codes before sending to underlying card providers. There is previous topics on this.


It looks as though Nationwide-issued cards should be added to the list of companies charging for cash withdrawals using Curve and Curve-Fronted transactions.


Did this ever get fixed? I’ve not used my card for months because of it…