Mastercard ID check with in-App confirmation

Can you please enable an in-App Mastercard ID check like is doing with their Mastercard? This is so convenient and even works when you are in areas where the cellular reception is poor. On top it should save you money for sending SMS.

Thank you.


They had this (though you had to manually switch to it each time from SMS), but for some reason removed it recently.

No thanks. They had it in the past, and it wasn’t functional at all. Notification wasn’t arriving. I was unable to use curve card online at all due to this. :sweat_smile: Now everything is smooth.

Can we please have the option to switch back to in app 3DS approval? SMS are also always very slow for me and its terrible when you’re traveling abroad and don’t have a dual sim phone. For every online transaction that I wish to make with Curve I need to switch sim cards just to receive a 3DS sms.


Not totally correct, before they made the change back to sms only, the user was able to chose between in app approval or sms tan, so one could always chose sms. Now we’re stuck with sms only

I can choose between APP or SMS each time…
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Strange, that used to be the case up to Feb. or so for me but then sms only started

Same for me

Is even a new card (2 weeks old)…

Please have a look at how well Wise does it.
Can use in-app, SMS and even phone call and can approve directly from the app notification, just perfect.
Also they don’t have the restriction that you only can use a EU phone number.


In-app and SMS also works with Curve

Not for me. I have no option to select anything but to go through with the SMS 3DS code.
iOS latest App Store version here.
Just tried again, to triple check.

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I have the latest iOS beta app on it.

Today I got back the choice to confirm in mobile app or via SMS (instead of being forced to the latter). So, it seems this is rolled out gradually.

Just tried myself with the latest iOS beta and again, only letting me cancel or continue with the only option to receive an SMS.

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Unable to use Curve to complete shopping order whilst in Turkey as I cannot use UK mobile.
If I use my Chase card, I get an in-app verification and I can complete my order.
Why does Curve rely on SMS?
There should be an option at least to select in-app or like another finance product I use, the option to receive a message via WhatsApp which is tied to my UK mobile.
Curve is behind the curve in verification.

Resurrecting the Apple watch app for this purpose would be great as well. I shouldn’t have to unlock my phone and then bring up the curve app to authenticate, a simple swipe from my watch should be sufficient. Microsoft does this already with their authenticator app.