MasterCard Offer: New York City Restaurant Week

Saw this over on TPG, thought it was a great idea to post, it’s not gonna be for everyone, but if anyone’s in New York over the next few days!;

New York City Restaurant Week is offering deals at 380 top restaurants across NYC from July 22 through August 16. This year, NYC Restaurant Week’spreferred partner is Mastercard, so if you choose to pay with a Mastercard, you’ll receive a $10 statement credit when you spend $65 or more at a participating restaurant. A two-course lunch is $26 and a three-course dinner is $42. To enjoy this tasty deal, you first have to pre-register your Mastercard. Simply enter your name, card information and check a few boxes. Once you’ve registered your card, browse through the restaurant selections and book a table. When you go to dinner, make sure to pay with the same Mastercard you pre-registered with and the statement should kick in within five days of the purchase. This offer is only available Sundays through Fridays.

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I know this offer has expired but I came across a similar offer and was wondering how Curve would process the statement credit? Is it simply passed on to the currently selected underlying card?