Mastercard Prepaid Card not accepted - Anyway to view a list of BINS that are?

Hi all,
I have a few digital mastercard prepaid cards with some balance on it that I’d like to spend using Curve. I am however unable to add any of those. The BIN is 533842. Anyone with same cards having a similar issue?


On the support page below there used to be such a list, but for reasons unknown to me that list was removed.

In general can be said that only a selection of prepaid cards is supported.

Latest known copy of list with BIN’s is here -


I was searching for the thread where we could request prepaid card BINs to be considered but I can’t find it anymore. Looks like it has been removed?

Yep, I also noticed this. Only thing I could find was a link to the topic, but clicking it only resulted in the message the page could not be found.

That BIN seems familiar. Is that the Topcashback virtual gift card?

If it’s a giftcard (opposed to a prepaid card) chances are very slim that it will ever be allowed to add it to Curve.

I remember that card very well. It was a Mastercard -

Transact Payments blocked several merchant categories without actually telling anyone in the T&Cs that they restricted certain transactions. Topcashback no longer offer it as a cashout option.

I could be totally wrong however - BINs are shared between different products from the same issuer sometimes.